"Destiny 2's" Faction Rally run has just ended, and the red faction of New Monarchy reigned supreme this time around. While players are busy grinding tokens during the activity, many interesting finds were unearthed within the game's database.

New datamined items

A "Destiny 2" player and YouTuber by name Rifle Gaming recently uploaded a vlog about these Items. He pointed out that these were never used in the game and added that this could be rolled out in future contents of the adventure shooter.

Starting things off is an item simply known as an Antique Camera.

Believe it or not, it was classified as a heavy weapon. Per the vlog, it was also described as a "one-of-a-kind, unimplemented item."

Vex-themed items

Vex Raid Rare is another item that was discovered within the "Destiny 2" database. It was stated that it is "a rare material for Vex exotic weapon blueprint. An Epoch Splinter is another item that is also Vex in origin. The description stated that these are "slivers of glass" used by that alien race and is believed to be billions of years old – both past and future.

Another Vex-themed item is the Vex Chronospanner.

This item has hints of time travel on it as it allows players to replay a given week's Weekly Heroic or Nightfall Strike and receive a second serving of rewards provided that this token is present in a player's inventory.

Faction related

Votes Are In, on the other hand, they could be related to the "Destiny 2's" factions. Rifle Gaming speculated that this item was intended for an in-game poll where Guardians are entitled to vote.

The faction with the most votes will have to deliver a faction ship to all who voted.


A Sparrow buff known as Tuned Drive was also discovered. The text on the datamined item reads that it increases the durability and speed of a Sparrow when equipped.

Consumables were also spotted within the game's database.

An item named as the Indomitable Light ups the chances of both armor and weapon drops. The same thing goes with another consumable known as the Valorous Light. Meanwhile, the Heuristic(?) Light is believed to be giving players additional rewards whenever a raid boss is defeated.

It is not yet sure if these are just pitches that got scrapped early on in the game's development or upcoming contents for "Destiny 2."

Check out the video about these newly discovered items below:

Stay tuned for latest news and updates on "Destiny 2."