"Fortnite" has been one of the most successful games in the last few weeks as its PvP mode, Battle Royale, got over 20 million players. Game developer Epic Games has done a fantastic job keeping the game updated and interesting for its wide audience, so it's not surprising that the title achieved some record-breaking numbers. The developer recently released Fortnitemares event which added many amazing things to the game, and the event will be extended for a few more weeks.

One of the things Fortnitemares event added was a season shop. However, the shop was initially closed, but the game developer allowed access to it in the recent update.

Beside the season shop, Epic Games added a portable bush potion, which turned out to be overpowered. "Fortnite" Battle Royale players won't be able to obtain the potion as often as they used to do it as it will receive a nerf in a drop rate.

Bush was nerfed

The bush potion allows players to turn themselves into bushes, making it harder for their enemies to spot them. While some "Fortnite" players find this annoying, the reality is that it's not very hard to spot a moving bush, so players have to be careful when using the potion.

Epic Games decided to change a few things regarding this new legendary potion, and the latest update nerfed its drop rate. The game developer noticed that Battle Royale players were getting the potion too often, which is not what was intended.

In addition, there would be two bush potions instead of just ones.

The update reduced the drop rate by 50 percent and it fixed the issue with players getting two potions at once. "Fornite" Battle Royale already has too many bushes in the world, so this is definitely a good change.

No more teammate kills

One of the biggest issues "Fortnite" Battle Royale players have been dealing with was teammate killing.

Playing with random teammates is usually fun, but in some cases, your teammate will shoot you down to take your loot and escape with it.

Epic Games hasn't done anything regarding this, even though it's been a big issue. However, the game developer recently announced they started taking actions against "Fortnite" players who kill their teammates.

This won't be easy, however, as some players shoot their teammates down to save the team, but "Fortnite" Battle Royale developer said they would figure it out and get better at differentiating team kills to save the team and other team kills.