Epic Games, "Fortnite" developer, has done a great job updating the video game and adding new content to it on a regular basis. The latest update was a patch V.1.8.2 which added a few more things to "Fortnite," including a new potion. The game developer decided to give "Fortnite" players even more hiding options, which is why the new potion allows players to move inside a portable bush.

Hiding in a bush is the most effective strategy in "Fortnite" Battle Royale and players who use it usually get far in the game or even win a match. However, there are some places on that map that don't have any bushes, making it difficult for players to use the strategy.

The latest update changed this as some players will get lucky enough to get the potion that allows them to use a bush wherever they are.

Portable bush is amazing

Many "Fornite" Battle Royale players were upset that Epic Games decided to add the potion to the game, but it shouldn't be a big issue considering that it's very rare. The potion can be obtained only from loot boxes and supply drops, which means that players won't be able to acquire it from the floor loot.

The potion has a legendary rarity and it will be destroyed when a player takes damage, whether it's from other players or from the storm. While hiding in a bush has more advantages than disadvantages, players have to be extremely careful when using a portable bush.

Placing it in a suspicious place is not a good idea, and players will have to know when to move and when to stand still.

If you use it correctly, you can gain a combat advantage over your enemy, allowing you to get an easy kill while preserving full health and shield.

The video above is a good example of how to use the legendary potion. The best idea is to place it in one spot and wait for enemies to come to you. While players can use a portable bush to get closer to their enemies, it is generally not a good idea since a moving bush can be easily spotted.

Other patch changes

Beside the legendary potion, Epic Games added a season shop to "Fornite" Battle Royale.

Players will now be able to unlock different rewards as they level up, including a new glider, two new outfits, and a new pickaxe. Unfortunately, players will have to spend V-bucks to obtain these items after unlocking them.

In addition, the video game developer fixed a few bugs and improved in-game performance. One of the biggest changes was a pump shotgun damage dropoff as it no longer allows players to deal long-range damage with this weapon.