The latest Nintendo Direct live stream revealed new details about the upcoming “Xenoblade Chronicles 2.” The upcoming Nintendo Switch video game will feature specific audio and subtitles as an option when it gets released.

The live stream revealed the game’s Expansion Pass that can be pre-purchased starting today. It was followed by a schedule that revealed the release dates of its contents. The video also revealed a new trailer that focused on the different characters and its backstory.

Japanese audio and English subtitles

During the Nintendo Direct live stream, the game company revealed that “Xenoblade Chronicles 2” will get a feature that will convenient for all types of players.

The game will have Japanese audio and English subtitles as an option that will be available on Day 1.

The game company noted that this awesome new audio feature will be an optional download. This will benefit both parties who like Japanese audio and those who like English ones. Since it is optional, this will greatly benefit all Nintendo Switch owners who have limited hardware memory.

Nintendo is known to not support split language options on Day 1 or not at all. Some games get this option at a later time like with “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.” Fans are happy with this new change from them.

Expansion Pass already available for purchase

The live stream also revealed the Expansion Pass for “Xenoblade Chronicles 2.” This item can be pre-purchased starting today.

The game company also revealed a schedule for its upcoming contents.

Players can expect extra support items during the release date, which is Dec. 1. New quests for the main game will be added starting January 2018. A new rare Blade will also be added in Spring 2018.

Summer 2018 will introduce a new challenge battle mode for the Switch video game.

A new story and adventure will also be added in Autumn 2018.

New trailer reveals cast of characters

Xenoblade Chronicles 2Nintendo Direct also introduced a new trailer that revealed a lot of characters in it. Rex and Pyra were introduced in the past, but this one revealed how they met.

The trailer revealed that Rex was killed by one of the antagonists of the game, which is Jin.

To save the dying boy, Pyra gave half of her life force to resurrect him and keep him alive. To repay this huge debt, she asked him to bring her to Elysium, which was thought to be a myth in this game’s story.

Several possible party members, neutral characters, and villains were revealed in this awesome trailer. It also revealed Pyra transforming into Mythra, which could be another version of her.

Check out the "Xenoblade Chronicles 2" character trailer here: