"Fornite: Battle Royale" hasn't been out for even a month, yet it has gained a huge player base and is one of the fastest-growing Video Games. While this game is often compared to "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds," the truth is that it's much more dynamic and faster. Players can completely destroy objects in the game or build new ones, and that is what makes this game so unique and so entertaining.

Just two weeks after its release, Epic, the game developer, revealed that the game has surpassed 10 million players. It took "PUBG" six months to get to the 10-million mark, which speaks volumes about "Fornite: Battle Royale." However, we can expect the game to set some more records as the upcoming updates will bring some amazing things to it!

Game-changing update

According to Redditor Xuroh, Epic will add two more maps to "Fortnite: Battle Royale" with one of their future Update. Supposedly, these maps were found in the game's source code and they are called Dusty Desert and City Slicker. Speaking of map names, have you ever wondered what's the name of the current map? Well, it's Treasure Island, according to the poster.

If the redditor is to be believed, these maps will be released with a 2.0 update. Considering that "Fornite: Battle Royale" is in a 1.7.2 build right now, we can expect the update to be released soon.

Another huge thing the redditor found is a vehicle! "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" allows players to drive vehicles, unlike "Fornite: Battle Royale." However, this makes sense considering that the map is much smaller.

According to the poster, the vehicle will be on Dusty Desert because it will be a much bigger map.

Furthermore, it appears that players will be getting more materials and they will also be able to customize their in-game characters. There is no doubt that this would be a game-changing update for "Fornite: Battle Royale," so hopefully Epic will release it soon.

'Fortnite' Halloween patch

Epic has confirmed that "Fornite" will have a special patch for Halloween. They have released more details about the PvE mode and what the new patch will bring to it, but players are still eager to see what the game developer will add to the PvP mode.

One interesting thing that will be added to the PvE mode is a new zone. Could this possibly mean that Epic will add a new zone to the battle royale mode as well? More details will be revealed on October 25, so stay tuned!