"Fortnite" has been one of the most played games in the last few weeks and it recently reached 20 million players. While Save the World mode is purchasable from within the game, Battle Royale mode is free, and that is a big reason why so many people play it. Battle Royale is a PvP mode and Epic Games, the Game Developer, has done a fantastic job updating the game and adding new content to it.

While Fortnitesmares update has been the biggest update so far, the company keeps adding more exciting content to both PvE and PvE modes. The latest "Fortnite" update added a new consumable and a season shop to Battle Royale.

In addition, the game developer fixed a few bugs and improved performance of the video game on all platforms.

The bush

Yesterday, Epic Games teased "Fortnite" players with a video of a player moving a bush. Shortly after, they revealed they would be adding a new "Fortnite" potion that will allow players to camouflage themselves as a bush. This will be a legendary potion that can be used only one time.

It is important to note that the item will be destroyed if the player wearing it takes any damage, including the storm damage. Furthermore, the legendary potion will be limited to chests and supply drops, meaning that players will not be able to find it as a floor loot.

Using bushes has become a great strategy for survival, but many "Fornite" Battle Royale players have complained about it.

Some players argued that bushes should be smaller, but it appears that the game developer will not make any changes regarding it. The new potion will most likely cause some dissatisfaction among players, but it will also force them to be more careful and more aware of their surroundings.

Season shop

Season shop was added in the Fortnitemares update, but "Fortnite" players were not able to access it.

However, the latest patch will unlock the shop, allowing players to buy various items.

Players who reach level 5 will unlock a new glider, while reaching level 15 and 20 will allow them to purchase two new outfits. In addition, there will be a new pickaxe for Battle Royale players who reach level 35.

Pump shotgun change

Epic Games finally made necessary changes to a pump shotgun.

The shotgun will now deal 100 percent of its damage to the targets that are 7.68 meters away or closer. The damage will fall to 70 percent if the target is 18 meters away and 20 percent damage to 30-meter targets. The weapon will no longer be usable for long-range shots as it will deal no damage to enemies that are 41 meters away or further.