Yesterday during Sony’s Paris Games Week livestream, The Voxel Agents confirmed that ‘The Gardens Between’ is coming to PlayStation 4.

The Voxel Agents describe "The Gardens Between" as a surreal puzzle adventure game that follows two best friends, Arina and Frendt, as they find themselves in a world of beautiful garden islands. Players will traverse through time to discover each garden’s secrets. Through their journey, player’s will learn about friendship, childhood, and growing up. In the gameplay trailer, each island is shown with giant-sized objects we see every day such as; TVs, pots, walkie-talkies, recycling bins, and game controllers.

Each garden uses a unique color palette and has themes based on nature. One garden is shown with various types of fall colored leaves. The second garden resembles spring with various green plants and trees, and the last garden is set at night. In the night time garden, the whole level and various objects appear to be glowing.

The developer has stated that the game is designed to encourage relaxed exploration while also providing comprehensive puzzles and challenges. The game is intended for all age groups and to evoke emotion from players on a personal level.

The game is planned to be released on PlayStation 4, PC, and Mac in 2018. The Voxel Agents expect to release the game on console and PC during the third quarter of next year.

The game has been selected and showcased in several game festivals, winning awards such as, “Excellence in Game Design” by Busan Indie Connect, “Top 5 Indie Games at PAXWest” by Kotaku, and “Best Visual Art FInalist” by Freeplay Festival.

View the gameplay trailer below:


The game will feature a strong, narrative story filled with adventure and exploration between two best friends.

It will also have a time traversing mechanic that takes account of cause and effect. Beautiful worlds are filled with hand-crafted puzzles and stunning art. This game is designed for accessibility. It will also include collaborative work between the studio and Tim Shiel, a radio announcer and electronic musician, which will feature meditative, ambient music.

View ‘The Gardens Between’ Ambient Slow Trailer:

About The Voxel Agents

"The Voxel Agents" studio was founded in 2009 by three friends: Simon Joslin, Matthew Clark, and Tom Killen. They attended the same university and upon graduation went their separate ways to work at local studios. Throughout the years they joked about having a studio of their own, after winning several game competitions together they decided to go all out and establish a studio.

Their aim is to create games that inspire curiosity and have highly focused gameplay. They’re well known for their games, ‘Train Conductor," "Train Conductor 2 USA," "Train Conductor World," and "Puzzle Retreat." The developer has estimated that over 13 million players worldwide enjoy their games. The studio and its games have received many awards such as, “Best Mobile Game,” “Best Game Audio,” and “Best New Business 2010,” to list a few.