"Biomutant" received 25 minutes of gameplay video from PAX West. The video was posted on IGN's YouTube channel giving avid gamers a brief glimpse of Experiment 101's upcoming action RPG (role-playing video game).

A never-before-seen blend

The video shows off the game's intensely hued world along with some combat. "Biomutant" is set in a fantasy world with a perfect balance of tech elements including mechs, jet skis, paragliders etcetera and kung fu. The game features never-before-seen designs that are coupled with awe-inspiring music and visuals.

The game allows players to use weapons, bionic prosthetics and robust mutations in a hysteric realm which they can either save or lead to more darkness. The new open-world action RPG centers on a fuzzy, man-like creature that bears a striking resemblance to Fox McCloud.

More details

Aside from giving us a sneak peek at Biomutant's world design, antagonists, and combat, the video footage tips off the main story.

Combat is more or less a blend of attacking and dodging, like several other action RPGs released before it. The character you play uses a large blade along with a couple of dual pistols for ranged damage.

The adversaries in "Biomutant" have been feigned and mutated thanks to the post-apocalyptic world that encompasses you, from massive, mutated beasts to a slew of other pint-sized monsters that carry a gun, much like yourself.

There's a narrator who guides you through the whole of the video. At the beginning of the video he points out that a plague is wreaking havoc on the land; however, the Tree of Life refuses to be destroyed. But it remains to be seen how long can it stand.

Furthermore, he alludes to "tribes" that are split in the world. In other words, players will have not only an impact on different tribes but also Biomutant's complete story.

It will be interesting to see how they will affect these things. We know that the game boasts a Yin and Yang kind of system where in a player can make either good or evil choice which will be traced.

Back in August this year, "Biomutant" received a brand new cinematic trailer in addition to some new screenshots and gameplay, but that not all.

The game also received 11 minutes of additional gameplay from Gamescom. Stay tuned in here for more news and updates about the hotly anticipated action RPG.

"Biomutant" is headed to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC sometime in 2018. Meanwhile, here's the new gameplay.