One of the complaints about "Destiny 2" has been the lack of new Enemy types. Even in the newly released trailer for the first piece of the DLC, "The Curse of Osiris," the enemies seem to be a regular and modified Vex. Well, that might change sometime soon as Reddit user spiffomatic64 has found some blank spots where the enemies are listed on the "Destiny 2 API".

What are the new enemies?

No one is sure yet what the new enemies are but it is interesting to see blank spots. Here's the list of what it looks like:

That's a table of how the enemies are listed on the API.

You can see that Cabal, Fallen, Hive, and Vex are all listed here. Here is what the table looks like from "Destiny 1":

The things to pay attention to between these tables are the Hash numbers. They are the same for the same races in each game. "Player" and "Treasure" are not listed on the D2 API even though they are onD1. It says that "Player" is a "Guardian" and that would make sense if "Treasure" represents the loot you get in the game - stuff like guns, armor, and emblems.

So what does this mean?

It could mean nothing as the Hash numbers are the same as the numbers that represent the player and the loot you get. Another thing to point out is that the Taken are not listed.

They first appeared in the DLC "The Taken King" for "Destiny 1" and they are still in "Destiny 2". Another race not listed is the Splicers, They appeared in the DLC "Rise of Iron" in "Destiny 1," but they do not appear in "Destiny 2," or at least they haven't appeared yet.

It could be on purpose that these enemies aren't listed.

The Taken consist of all the other races but they are just taken over and they change their skin to black and white. So maybe they don't consider Taken an entirely new race that needs a new Hash number attached to it. The same can be said about Splicers because they are just modified Fallen. The got infected with Siva and it morphed them.

So maybe Bungie felt that those were close enough to other enemies to not have a new number associated with them.

Possibly this does mean something because one of the spots has a number with nothing tied to it. This could be a new enemy race to be introduced in one of the upcoming updates or with a DLC. They did say that seasons in "Destiny 2" will change every three months or so and that falls in line with "The Curse of Osiris" DLC. We could see a new enemy race and they just aren't talking about it since the DLC is coming out December 5. Bungie will also have live streams to talk more about things to come in the coming weeks.

Whether this is coming or not it's fun to speculate what it could mean.

Seeing a new enemy type for the new DLC would be awesome and much needed since the base game didn't introduce any. Even if we don't see any with the DLC in December, the next DLC comes out in the Spring 2018 and we may get some then.