The Kickstarter started today, November 1, 2017, and will continue until the end of the month. Pledges have comical names that involve cats, such as Kitty Cat for five dollars, Minion Cat for ten dollars, Intern Cat for twenty-five dollars, and Cool Cat for fifty dollars. Pledge rewards range from postcards, wallpaper, name in credits, steam keys, T-shirts, and more!

Player’s control a small, green alien named Ero. Ero fights against Meow Enterprises, a powerful corporation owned by the evil Mr. Fat Cat. Ero is very mischievous and curious by nature, one night he decides to sneak off into space with the family's rocket ship.

Upon traveling, he discovers an unknown planet and decides to stop. As he prepares to descend onto the planet, he gets hit by a laser, and his ship gets damaged. Later, he finds out that the laser was operated by Mr. Fat Cat. Ero has to battle him and his minions in order to escape the planet.

Paragonyx showcased the game in 2016 at OrlandoIX, the southeast’s largest gathering of creators in digital entertainment. “Super Blast Off!” won an award for “Best Visual Art.” They are currently aiming to submit the game to the 2018 Independent Games Festival Competition.

What to expect

The game has been designed to provide a brand new experience with each play through. Every time players play the game, you will get a different, unique world.

The developer states that it is absolutely impossible to get the same level twice.

The game also provides 100 different items that spawn within levels. Some of the items are: steaks, mushrooms, red sneakers, vampire fangs, sonar radar, and poison ivy. Items can affect various elements such as Ero’s jump height, projectile type, and enemy damage.

Players can also combine items which can dramatically change gameplay.

What’s so different about this game compared to other platformers? This game includes a challenge mode that will give players the ability to compete against each other to rank at the top of the leaderboards. When players reach the top they will receive digital and real-life prizes every month!

Prizes will vary from the latest games, DLC’s, digital cosmetics, and more.

Release info

Paragonyx, upon Kickstarter success, plans to release the game first on PC and Mac through Steam and other online stores by October 2018. Sometime later, they also plan on releasing the game on other platforms, depending on how talks with Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony go.