Niantic Labs is full of surprises these days as players have reported having encountered Shiny Pikachu in the augmented reality game. This most sought after variant is now live in “Pokemon Go.” However, as of this point, it appears that it is only exclusive in Japan.

Shiny Pikachu

The Pikachu Outbreak Festival is live today in Japan and what better way to “Pokemon Go” to celebrate than releasing the shiny variant of the iconic yellow superstar. This is the ultra-rare variant of the iconic superstar of the franchise and players will notice an alternate color texture of the recently released monster.

Noticeably, it has a deeper shade of yellow compared to the regular Pikachu. Aside from those, a special shiny animation will pop up on the screen every time a player encounters it in the game.

Interestingly, Niantic Labs has not yet officially announced the addition of the Shiny Pikachu in the augmented reality game. However, several fans who have attended the festival in Japan have already reported seeing and catching this ultra-rare variant. As of press time, Shiny Pikachu is only appearing in the Japanese event. Fans, however, are anticipating that it will only be a matter of time that it will be released in all regions, probably in the coming week end.

Moreover, this shiny variant can be evolved to a shiny Raichu.

Players will see that this variant will have darker brown fur as compared to the regular form of the creature. In several reports in the past, there were claims that the Shiny Pikachu codes were found in the game’s file.

Pikachu Outbreak Festival

Japan is colored yellow today as it celebrates the Pikachu Outbreak Festival. This week-long festivity will have 1,500 Pikachu flooding the entire Yokohama.

There are Carnival Parades on August 14 at the Nihon Odori Avenue. In addition, there is an airship designed after the iconic monster, which will fly Over Minato Mirai 21 area on August 9.

There are also Pikas riding the cruise ship where fans are given the chance to meet and greet and even get a selfie with the creatures. This will be available from August 9 to 15 in the off shore of Nippon Maru Memorial Park & CUPNOODLES MUSEUM.

Apart from those, there is an event starting today, August 9 for the players of the augmented reality game dubbed as “Pokemon Go” Park, which will take place at the Yokohama Redbrick Park. Moreover, on August 14, the one-day-only special event dubbed as “Stadium” will take place. Pre-registered players of the popular mobile game are invited to come together to the Yokohama Stadium.