The latest updates for "Destiny 2" reveal the new Level Cap for video game fans in the sequel's first DLC expansion, "Curse of Osiris." Bungie revealed the first trailer of the DLC story during the Paris Games Week 2017 event, and they will launch it on Dec. 5. The new expansion will focus on the Guardians' war against the Vex on planet Mercury, and Osiris is the key to ending the conflict. Bungie also teased the possible release date of the second DLC expansion in the game.

New power and level cap confirmed

Bungie announced during the Paris Games Week that players' level and power gap will increase in the "Curse of Osiris" DLC.

The level cap will increase from level 20 to 25, and the power level cap will expand from 300 to 330. While most "Destiny" fans expected that the game publisher would raise the power level cap in the sequel, many are surprised to learn that the level cap will also rise as well.

This is probably their way of keeping fans interested, in order to challenge themselves to earn new rewards such as powerful weapons, rare gear, and exotic loot.

Others speculated that the 330 power level cap can be increased and the player can reach 335 with the use of Legendary mods. The "Curse of Osiris" story will take place on Mercury as the Guardians must find Osiris, and prevent the rise of the Vex from conquering the universe.

The expansion will also allow players to explore Mercury's Infinite Forest, The Lighthouse social hub, and new raids and strike missions.

Bungie told Gamerant that they are diligently looking for new ways to improve the sequel's gameplay features and lore. These new improvements will be the key to add more expansions, and possibly a third game in the franchise.

DLC expansion 2 set for Spring 2018?

Bungie announced that the second DLC expansion for "Destiny 2" will launch in Spring 2018. While the publisher did not reveal the name of the second expansion, video game fans speculated that they will release it around April or May next year.

Other fans think that the story of the second expansion will not tie-in with the "Curse of Osiris" expansion, and it will act as a standalone story.

The plot of the second DLC might depend on the success of the first expansion, and how its ending will affect future DLC plans for the game.

Bungie community head Cosmo confirmed that it will not add the "Prison of Elders" event after several data miners claimed that they discovered leaked data files related to the game mode.