Friday the 13th: The Game” recently released the much awaited Xbox One update. The patch rolled out the much-needed fixes that will reduce the frequency of game crashes and resolve other persistent memory leak issues among others. However, much to the surprise of the console’s players, something else was made available along with the patch.

Savini Jason

When the Xbox One update rolled out a few days ago, several players have discovered that the Savini Jason skin was available and on-sale. To those who are not familiar, this is a variation of Jason Vorhees that was not based on any of the films released.

It was created by Tom Savini who was in-charge of the gory makeup in the first and fourth installments of the movie. This variation was made to reveal what the killer would look like had he survived the 9th installment and came back to his hometown after fleeing hell.

This variation is depicted by a blackened hockey mask. The right side of the mask is damaged with visible claw marks. The top red chevron can also be seen in this version. The iconic axe cut that is in the other Jason Vorhees variation is not included in the design of this mask. Moreover, the antagonist is shown with chains around his neck.


Originally, Gun Media made this variation as a reward to those who helped the game through donating to the Kickstarter.

The developer assured the Kickstarter Backers that the skin would never be publicly available. However, because of popular demand, it was made as an exclusive DLC that will only be sold on the Backerkit Store and Kickstarter. Those who supported the game on Kickstarter were furious when they learned that it is now available to the public.

The Kickstarter backers paid extra for the exclusive use of the Savini Jason skin. With the recent incident, the exclusive skin was made available to all Xbox One users and several users were able to get it.

Update: The availability of the Savini Jason variation in the Microsoft Console version of “Friday the 13th: The Game,” as of press time, has been already fixed.

Other details

Meanwhile, after the roll out of the Xbox One patch, fans are now looking forward to new content that will be released to the game. There were previous speculations that the game developer is planning to introduce another iconic character in the game, Fox. At this point, there is no confirmation yet if the project will push through or if Gun Media has already located the family of the actress who portrayed the role. Aside from that, more Easter Eggs are also expected to be introduced in the game. “Friday the 13th: The Game” is now available. It is playable on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.