Studio Wildcard recently teased the Nameless dossier which is an upcoming mutation in "ARK: Survival Evolved's" delayed DLC - "Aberration." Alongside it was an announcement stating the developer is bound to make changes to the game's turret system.

The mentioned changes were not well-received by the community when it got announced over the weekend. That being said, "ARK's" Gameplay Designer and Community Forum Administrator Kayd Hendricks recently posted an update about these looming turret tweaks.


Per the post, Hendricks revealed that they will be introducing a new turret system that will be more buffed than the current ones in the game.

Dubbed the BobCorp Automated Laterally Attenuated Nano-Cell Electronic Defense system (BALANCED), the upcoming defense system will "essentially be a bigger, beefier turret, allowing for people who still need that damage density to populate their turret slots with turrets that are much more powerful." He added that they are targeting a 4x surge in the new turret system's efficacy and cost.

Hendricks further explained why they opted for the new defense system. He stated that "it conveys the power of the new turret clearly without needing to add any new functionality to anything else." He added that it does not create an abrupt need to tweak both of the existing turrets' balance and functionality.

Hendricks went on stating that if there's the need to implement a modification with the new turret, they can do it without compromising other elements of the game.

On Stegos, Veggie Cakes, and Knockbacks

The game designer also pointed out that they are gathering feedback coming from the community to have a clearer picture of what exploits may still be present within the game that players might take advantage of.

Hence, Hendricks stated that they plan on making some tweaks to these game elements and see which of these they should prioritize first. Some of the examples that he mentioned include Veggie Cakes, Knockbacks, and even the Stego Armor Plates.

Hendricks clarified that these are just examples as they will still test these to see how it goes in the game.

Once they've already decided on what to impose, they will give their player-base a heads-up before December 5.

Wildcard has yet to disclose a definite date for "ARK: Survival Evolved's" "Aberration" DLC. However, it is expected to arrive sometime next month since they assured fans that it will come out this year. Check out a gameplay from the game here: