Blizzard released a new Public Test Region update for “Overwatch.” It brings changes to the characters of Mercy and Ana. There are no changes in the overall gameplay in the PTR update. However, the character changes are very important, as it will bring more balance to the game. Players are also happy, as they will have more chance of winning when they are facing a team with Mercy on it. Players that love playing Ana will also like the changes that Blizzard did in the PTR update.

Mercy changes

The latest PTR update nerfed Mercy's Resurrect skill.

The casting time of the Resurrect increased from 0 to 1.75 seconds. Players can also interrupt the skill through knockbacks, stuns, and the hack of Sombra. The movement speed of mercy will also decrease by 75 percent while activating the Resurrect. However, players can still activate Mercy's Resurrect without any casting time by activating Valkyrie, which is the ultimate skill of Mercy. According to Blizzard, the recent rework of Mercy was a huge success. However, players are still reporting that Mercy is still overpowered, especially with her Resurrect. Due to this, Blizzard nerfed Mercy once again. Mercy is also known to have a lot of nerfs since she is considered to be one of the most effective supports in the game.

Ana changes

Blizzard brings a small buff for Ana. Her biotic rifle, which is her primary attack, increased from 60 to 70. This will make her unstoppable early in the game as players can spam her primary attacks. It is also a good buff from Blizzard, as Ana is known to have an inefficient combat skill. Ana is also a support hero, which means that she is recommended to stay behind teammates.

Giving more damage to her primary attack will make her very effective from long range, where she can also cast different skills to support her teammates. According to Blizzard, Ana has been one of the most unused and weak support heroes. The company also said that boosting her attack damage will make her more dangerous in the battlefield.

Players will be able to kill a hero with 200 health in just four shots. However, the changes to both Mercy and Ana are subject to change as it is still on the Public Test Region. At this point of time, Blizzard has not made an announcement yet on when the changes in the PTR will be applied on the live servers. Players are also recommended to test the changes on the PTR now to send feedback and other suggestions to Blizzard.