"#PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" has thrived in the PC Gaming community since Early Access was made available on Steam back In March. Xbox One owners were pleased to find out during Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference this summer that the console version of the game would be launched exclusively on Xbox this year.

Now, Xbox Live subscribers know exactly when they can parachute on down to the action. During Microsoft’s presentation at Paris Games Week on Tuesday, a Release Date for the ‘Battlegrounds’ launching on Xbox Game Preview was announced.

The date

"PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds" will hit Xbox Game Preview on December 12.

While the PC version graduates to a full game release just days after, the Xbox One version will be available through the Game Preview program as an early access for Xbox Live subscribers to. Feedback from this ‘Preview’ program will help developers continue to polish both the console version and the PC 1.0 version.

Features and maps found in the game right now on Steam might vary on the console release. For example, vaulting obstacles in the game will be possible on December 12. However, the Peruvian desert map expected to go live when "Battlegrounds" leaves Early Access on PC will not be playable on Xbox until further notice.

Whether or not cross-platform play is in the plans for developers at BlueHole, the list of differences between "#PUBG" for PC and Xbox can begin to shrink sooner than later, granting the same multiplayer experience regardless of platform.

The price

Xbox One owners can indulge in intensely fun battles for $29.99, the same price it sells for on Steam.

Despite existing on PC for nearly a year when it launches for consoles in December, "Battlegrounds" can attract consumers who somehow may not have been familiar with its significantly low price point. Early adopters of the Xbox One X also have ‘Battlegrounds’ to look forward to, as the game will be playable with no immediate augmentation of 4K resolution, but slightly better image.

Fortunately for BlueHole, graphics never defined or dictated the success of the game. Garnering a seemingly organic following of loyal users on Steam, "Battlegrounds" is admired strictly for its engagingly strategic gameplay. Increasing its availability, especially at an affordable cost, can only expand an already dedicated online community.

"PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds" has already sold over 13 million copies on Steam.