Considering that Battle Royale mode of "Fortnite" is free, it's really amazing how many updates Epic Games, the game developer, keeps releasing on a weekly basis. The game isn't even two months old, yet players received numerous updates, including new weapons, consumables, and bug fixes. These constant updates and amazing additions helped Epic Games attract over 20 million Battle Royale players, and this number keeps growing every single day.

The game developer is working hard on keeping playerbase entertained, and another big update is on its way!

"Fortnite" Battle Royale will get a game-changing consumable next week, and this will certainly be one of the biggest additions to the game. If you are interested in more details about the upcoming "Fornite" Battle Royale, keep reading.

New Battle Royale update

A few weeks ago, Epic Games added Slurp Juice to the video game, which was the first consumable item that was added in a patch. This consumable restores 25 health and adds 25 shield over 25 seconds. With this item, players can now use bandages, med kit, and slurp juice to restore their health. Later, the game developer added a portable bush, and now it's time for another consumable item.

The new consumable item won't be used to restore health or shield, but players will be able to use it to hide their location.

The new item will be a grenade, yet it won't do any damage to enemies. Sounds interesting?

Many "Fortnite" players wanted Epic Games to add a smoke grenade to Battle Royale mode, and that is exactly what is going to happen! Smoke grenade will be a non-lethal consumable and it will be released to the game next week. The game developer hasn't revealed any detailed information about this new item, but we can expect to get more details later this week.

What could it be used for?

Considering that "Fortnite" Battle Royale makes players move constantly, smoke grenade will help with moving to the next circle. It will also be very helpful when you are under fire and you need to move away to avoid dying. It is still unknown what the smoke grenade radius will be, but it should be more than enough to allow players to move away from a gunfight.

In addition, the new consumable item could be used in a combination with a bush consumable to distract enemies and turn into a bush while surrounded by the smoke. There is no doubt that "Fortnite" Battle Royale players will be creative once again and make some amazing plays with this item.