Blizzard Entertainment’s “Overwatch” team announced at BlizzCon 2017 that fans will expect tons of new Skins for several characters. These new skins will be based on other characters from different Blizzard franchises. Two characters will also be getting new skins based on their specific short videos.

The team also revealed a new playable character called Moira. A cool animated short video was also released that focused on the powerful and large Reinhardt. It talked about his past and his inspiration to become a dependable Crusader.

New skins available soon

The game company tweeted recently the new content for their popular multiplayer shooter for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The new content included new hero skins that were based on different iconic Blizzard Video Games.

Some of the familiar characters skins are “StarCraft II’s” Immortal for Orisa, Nova for Widowmaker, “Diablo III’s” Butcher for Roadhog, and more. Mei and Reinhardt also got their own skins, which were based on their animated short videos. Players will also find some new intros and emotes added to the game.

New character Moira revealed

Blizzard Entertainment revealed a new character for “Overwatch,” which was the villainess Moira. She is a support hero with biotic abilities.

She has recovery abilities and attacks that are represented by the colors of her Biotic Orbs: black and bright orange.

The new character has the Biotic Grasp that gives her short-range abilities for attacks. Her Biotic Orbs have long-range abilities like attacks and healing. She can also use the Fade ability to escape dangerous encounters or follow her allies in need of support.

Moira’s ultimate ability is the Coalescence. It allows her to heal several allies that were heavily damaged. She can also use it to kill multiple enemies. This is the perfect skill to use in emergency scenarios both in killing off weakened enemies and saving desperate allies.

Reinhardt’s sad backstory

Aside from the new character, Blizzard Entertainment also revealed a new animated short video that focused on Reinhardt the Crusader. The video was titled “Honor and Glory,” which revealed his sad backstory. It revealed the young Reinhardt and his old mentor.

The Crusaders fought several robotic enemies during the Robot uprising to defend Germany. The young Crusader learns the meaning of honor and glory as his old mentor sacrifices himself to protect them from harm. In the present time, he tells Brigitte that he must answer the call too, just like his old mentor.

Check out Reinhardt's "Overwatch" animated short video here: