Every Holiday Season console manufacturers come out with holiday bundles and Nintendo is first out of the gate this year announcing theirs. They are doing a 2DS bundle with a zelda game, a new Pokemon themed 2DS XL, a new edition of "Breath of the Wil.d" and a new color scheme for the 2DS XL. Since it's officially November they will start coming out this week.

What's new?

Let's start with the new editions of the 2DS XL systems. The 2DS XL came out earlier this year and was made to give people a cheaper option to play 3DS games on and for those who don't care about the 3D feature.

Really not many games take advantage of the 3D features anymore so it was a smart move. The new models are a white and orange model that is out now. It's literally just a different color scheme with no additional features. The other is Poke Ball themed and comes out November 3. If you're a Pokemon fan and looking for a themed system to go along with "Ultra Sun" and "Ultra Moon", coming out November 17, then this may be up your alley. It literally looks exactly like a Poke Ball! The white and orange model is $149.99 while the Poke Ball edition is $159.99.

Next is a regular 2DS bundle that comes with "The Ocarina of time 3D." It's going to be available on Black Friday and will cost $79.99. Nintendo has said this is meant for kids who are looking to get into games and that's why it's a normal 2DS and they chose one of the best Zelda games with it.

"Ocarina of Time 3D" is an awesome upgrade of the original 64 game and plays great on the go.

Next up is a new edition of "Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild" that will be called "Explorer's Edition". It will be out in time for Black Friday and comes with some pretty cool extras. It comes with the standard game, a steenbok case, a 100-page art book, and a two-sided map of Hyrule.

It will only cost $60 and it's definitely worth picking up if you haven't gotten around to playing it yet, or it's honestly worth looking into if you have, because of the extras you'll get. It doesn't come with the season pass and that's sad since you'll be locked out of the DLC that's already been released but that's fine.

It's an amazing game and arguably the best of the Zelda games ever made.

Holiday games

Along with the holiday systems coming out, there are also some good games left coming out on Switch and 3DS. "Sonic Forces" is coming out on Switch November 7th and "Xenoblade Chronicles 2" is coming out on December 1st. "Pokemon Ultra Sun" and "Pokemon Ultra Moon" are both coming out November 17th on 3DS and they are updated versions of "Sun" and "Moon". That's really it for 3DS but there's a huge library of awesome games out for 3DS and it's definitely worth owning one.