Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon” will be launching this November as an alternate sequel to the original games that released last year. Here, players will still continue their adventure in Alola, albeit with some surprising new twists. Nintendo has been fairly tight-lipped about the story, but they’ve been rolling out some new trailers lately. These new clips reveal some new information about the game along with some new story details.

A different look on Alola

According to Twinfinite, Nintendo has just dropped a new trailer which reveals a surprising amount of information.

Firstly, the game will include new locations called Ultra Wormholes. You can ride either Lunala and Solgaleo and initiate some kind of mini-game inside. That said, you can even engage Ultra Beasts on their home turf via these Ultra Wormholes. Luckily, the homes seem to vary on which Ultra Beast they are, giving players more areas to explore.

Additionally, there’s also a new area in the game called Ultra Megalopolis. This seems to be a new world where “Necrozma has stolen the light,” hinting that the Pokemon will have a much larger part to play in this game. Aside from Team Skull and the Aether Foundation, “Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon” will introduce a new group called the Ultra Recon Squad.

Finally, the short trailer reveals three new Ultra Beasts called Adhesive, Burst, and Assembly. Adhesive is a Poison-type, Burst is a Fire/Ghost-type, and Assembly is a Rock/Steel-type.

Special Pikachu

That aside, the “Sun And Moon” special Pikachu promo is still live, featuring the Pokemon with Ash’s Sinnoh Cap. Game Zone shares that those who use the “PIKACHU20” code this week will receive a different kind of Pikachu with another set of moves based off of Gen 4’s Sinnoh region.

Fans have until Oct. 9 to claim this Pokemon, so they should act fast if they prefer Pikachu wearing this cap.

This version is Pikachu comes at level 9 and has the Static ability. As for its moves, it knows Quick Attack, Iron Tail, Thunderbolt, and Volt Tackle. The Pokemon also comes with a special Z crystal which allows it to use a powerful Z move.

To claim Sinnoh cap Pikachu, select Mystery Gift from the main menu and click “Get with Code/Password.” From there, enter the “PIKACHU20” and load up your save file. Head to the nearest Pokemon Center and claim your Pikachu. Those who want to play “Pokemon Sun and Moon” can get a copy for the Nintendo 3DS.