Blizzard announced Thursday morning that Intel and HP are joining the list of sponsors for the Overwatch League. Through these agreements, Intel and HP will provide hardware for the league during eSports events. HP will be providing Omen by HP gaming PCs and Intel will be providing Intel Core i7 Processors.

This partnership not only benefits the Overwatch League by providing increased access to the latest gaming technology, but it also allows Intel and HP to show off their products for consumers. This partnership is expected to benefit all parties over the course of the multi-year deal.

The rise of eSports

Blizzard has compared these new partnerships to traditional sports sponsorships. The company says that they are essential to the growth of eSports and the Overwatch League. With major companies sponsoring a popular growing league like the one in Overwatch, the field of eSports has a greater chance to improve.

Technology companies are equally excited about the opportunity to join in on a growing market. Josh Kocurek, global marketing manager for gaming and eSports for HP said "We wanted to bring something new and exciting to a global label. What we want to gain out of this is a successful league and get more people excited about competitive eSports in general."

The Overwatch League

With the new sponsorship, the Overwatch League will have increased visibility during Friday and Saturday's World Cup and beyond.

The league employs a city-based structure that creates greater accessibility for gamers who may not live in major cities. This also gives fans a local team to cheer on rather than just a national team. However, for the event Friday and Saturday at Blizzcon, each country participating in the event will be sending in a single team.

Blizzard has fans in mind in developing each aspect of the league. The new changes to the World Cup broadcasting in addition to the recently acquired sponsorships are game-changers for Blizzard and eSports as a whole. With gamers as the newest Olympic athletes, the world is about to take notice of eSports.

In preparation for the World Cup event, Blizzard has announced changes to the game to create easier viewing for fans of the league. Sophisticated broadcasting is essential to bringing in new fans and keeping the loyal fans entertained. Without fans and sponsors, the Overwatch League, and eSports in general, cannot grow.