Overwatch” community are rejoicing because Razer just dropped the latest addition to its lineup of mechanical-themed gaming peripherals – introducing the new OP line of D.Va Razer gears! Completing the set are a cute-looking mouse and a colorful gaming pad.

Click the image icon to see the D.Va headset or continue reading to watch the Razer’s video below.

Blush gaming aesthetics for cosplay

These new peripherals are specially designed for D.Va mains and fantasy shippers. In addition, cosplayers will totally love the headset because this accessory is custom-made to fit the character’s style and personality.

While details of the mech-headgear remain unavailable for now, the pink finish on its antenna will definitely bring out the quirkiness and cutesy feel of the person using it. Having it over a weave or dyed natural hair is actually a must-do to achieve that competitive mech-pilot vibe which D.Va possesses.

Known as Hana Song in "Overwatch" fiction, her character is a 19-year-old Korean who played the classic Blizzard title, "Starcraft." She's cute and dreams of becoming a famous actress.


Razer’s D.Va exclusive set also comes with a mouse and a pad. Although they come as optional picks for interested buyers, they are sure must-haves for any “Overwatch” fans and collectors. Neither extra peripheral designs shied away from D.Va’s signature styling.

Her iconic bunny head logo and the remarkable color combination of her costume are well embedded.

The mouse is the latest version of the D.Va Razer Abyssus Elite with an impressive new look. Coated in pink and blue tint, this gaming mouse has three very responsive buttons, a sensitive 7,200 DPI optical sensor, and a design that suits either a leftie or a rightie player.

Surprisingly, it only costs $60.

On the other hand, Razer has also prepared something special for D.Va loyalists – the D.Va Razer Goliathus mouse pad! Die-hard “Overwatch” players can have this soft mat also for only $20.


While the whole lineup offers the best "Overwatch"-themed gears from Razer, there are other options available on the market that offer the similar experience.

These are appealing collectibles for committed patrons but if you are a cosplayer a DIY headgear will still bring out your personal style without deviating from D.Va’s personality.

As seen in the first featured image, cosplayer @vandaleen created an entire D.Va look using an improvised headgear. It complimented her violet-ish hair without taking away the focus on her makeup and over-all look.

Therefore, having D.Va Razer gears helps bring out a more sophisticated styling but it is actually an expensive choice. To know more about the Razer’s newest peripherals, watch the video below.