“Overwatch” game won’t be the same without the quirky and comical voice over lent by its select line up of Voice Actors. They were constant figures in comic conferences held around the world. And fans could never hold themselves together when these talented voice actors bring their game characters to life.

Thankfully, these amazing moments are caught on camera and made available for every “Overwatch” fans all across the cyber world. So, here’s five feel-good moments your favorite voice actors shared during their comic con appearances.

When Mercy cosplayer proposed to Gaku

Arguably, Gaku Space is the most photographed and filmed personality among the “Overwatch” VAs. (Don’t let Johnny Cruz know that it’s mentioned here though.) Lending his voice to Genji Shimada, everyone’s favorite cyborg ninja main, fans go crazy every time he makes an appearance to live event.

Proof to this is his recent trip to the Philippines when he attended the AsiaPop Comicon Manila 2017. During his panel, one of the participants – a Mercy cosplayer – told him a very cheesy pickup line. Gaku said it was the cutest thing.

On the other hand, another Mercy cosplayer proposed to him with a ring pop in Anime Impulse, Pomona.

The Genji voice actor did not disappoint and have his much-awaited response – “I need healing!”

This happens when Roadhog meets Genji

Joining Gaku in the funny scene was Josh Petersdorf who shared a backstage video of them together pretending to be their characters in real life. This scene was about what happens when Roadhog meets someone in need in the street.

Meeting Salt Bae and The Mountain

Gaku attended the GoblinCon with Johnny Cruz when they bumped into “Game Of Thrones’s The Mountain (Thor Bjornsson) in Istanbul, Turkey. The new trio decided to dine at the world famous Nusr-Et Steakhouse which was owned by the Turkish Chef Nusret Gökçe popularly known as Salt Bae.

And the video below showed how Genji, Lucio, The Mountain and Salt Bae enjoy each other company.

Roadhog and Symmetra decide to crash Sombra’s dance party

“What’s a dance party without a little comedy?” asked Symmetra voice actress Anjali Bhimani after crashing Sombra’s dance number during their downtime in Game On Expo in Phoenix. Sombra (Carolina Ravassa) was dancing with a Mortal Kombat character when Roadhog and Symmetra decided to jump in and crash their dance party.

Roadhog, Reinhardt, and McCree walk into a bar

These are amazing moments for “Overwatch” gamers, aren’t they? Let us know in the comment section below which is the funniest among these clips?