"Animal Crossing" fans, rejoice! The newest game in the "Animal Crossing" series is set to be released late this month, however, it is already available to download in Australia. This is the first time that Nintendo has attempted to release "Animal Crossing" onto a mobile platform, but after the success of "Pokémon GO," it shouldn't come as a surprise that more games are being tested out in pocket-play format.

New to the game?

If you're new to "Animal Crossing", you have absolutely nothing to be concerned about. Unlike other game series', "Animal Crossing" doesn't subscribe to the story continuity of regular sequels.

Each game has started essentially the same way: Move into a new town, become the major, be friendly with your neighbors while maintaining the grounds, and pay off a few thousand bells for your house. This game, of course, is going to run a little differently.


"Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp" is a free-to-play social simulation game. You'll be able to enjoy the gentle nature of the game from your mobile device, without also carrying around a Nintendo DS, or staying at home to play it on a Gamecube. The app will have small microtransactions, or "in-app purchases," but they aren't expected to affect casual gameplay.

You can register to be notified when the game is available for download using the app's website, and once it's been released, you can obtain it via your mobile phone's app store or on Google Play.

The supported devices are as follows: iOS 9.0 and newer, Android 4.2 and newer.

In-game play

For this installation of "Animal Crossing," the game begins with your arrival at a campsite. You meet up with Isabelle, who has had an important role in past games and is a very familiar face in the "Animal Crossing" series. She, of course, asks you to run the campsite; much like her request for you to become major in previous games.

Like other "Animal Crossing" games, you can make the campsite your own by crafting fun items for your animal friends to interact with.

As always, you can also go fishing, collect bugs, and gather fruit. Your campsite animal friends are there to talk to, and growing your friendship with them will eventually yield rewards. Cyrus is back, to build you anything you'd like for your campsite, provided you have the right materials, of course.

Various amenities will be available, including a merry-go-round.

Instead of a house, you'll have a campervan, which is customisable. You can change the look of the outside, or make it bigger on the inside for more space. And don't forget the seasonal events, where the notices icon will tell you if anything interesting is happening in your campsite that day.