In the last few weeks, "Fortnite" received numerous updates and Battle Royale mode got a lot of new additions. Whether it was cosmetic items, a launch pad, or just balance changes, the game developer worked hard to bring "Fortnite" players the best experience possible. Now, it's time for another update, and this time, players will receive a brand new weapon!

Earlier this week, Epic Games announced that a new weapon would be added to "Fortnite" Battle Royale. The new weapon is unique as it's the first silenced gun in the PvP mode of "Fortnite." The game developer only revealed that the new weapon would be a silenced submachine gun, but players wanted more details.

Fortunately, the wait has come to an end as players received more details, including the release date of the new gun.

Silenced SMG comes in three variants

Silenced SMG will be added in a November 20 update. The best thing about the update is that it will be just a hotfix and there will be no downtime, which means that "Fortnite" Battle Royale will be able to enjoy the game while the update is being applied.

The Silenced SMG will have three different variants, similar to a Burst Assault Rifle. Common (white) variant will be the worst, but players will also be able to obtain an uncommon (green) and a rare (blue) variant of this new weapon. This will be the quietest weapon in the game, making it perfect for the players who enjoy stealthy play style.

SMG buffs

Submachine guns are arguably the worst guns in "Fortnite" Battle Royale, even after a few buffs. Fortunately, Epic Games listened to players and decided to give another buff to these guns. The next update will increase both damage and a magazine size of submachine guns.

To be precise, the damage will be increased from 12/12/13 to 14/15/16 for all SMG rarities.

In addition, SMG magazines will hold 35 bullets, which is a 10-bullet increase.

Tactical SMG will also be buffed as its damage will be increased from 14/15/16 to 16/17/18 for each variant.

Other weapon changes

The upcoming update will increase the accuracy of assault rifles, making them much more effective in the game. Aiming down sights will increase the accuracy by 33 percent, while penalty per shot will be decreased by 20 percent. In addition, assault rifles will have their recoil reduced by 20 percent.

Finally, Rocket Launcher will receive a slight nerf as its reload time will be increased by 10 percent in the update.