Bungie had their second stream covering "curse of Osiris" today and it focused on new ways to play In "Destiny 2." They showed gameplay of a new Public Event space that is the biggest Public Event to date in "Destiny 2" and how it differs from the others. They also showed The Infinite Forrest and how the new Heroic Adventures will work/look. They also touched on loot and how to obtain unique weapons in the social space. Let's get into some details!

Public events

The new Public Event was shown off and it was definitely the biggest one to date. It takes place on a few floating islands that can only be accessed during the actual event.

You can see players doing the event from a distance but unless you are part of the event the area is locked off. It works similarly to the Public Event with the tanks in that you kill yellow bar enemies, pick up keys, and slam them into place to move on to the next section. And by move on you literally, get launched to another floating island. You kind of repeat this process until a Gatelord appears and you take it down. It does have a Heroic version but they did not say how they triggered it.

Strikes, and adventures

The Lighthouse from Trials of Osiris in "Destiny 1" is the new social space and you can do several things there. You turn materials in to Brother Vance and he rewards you with Lost Prophecies.

Lost Prophecies are quests that result in getting new weapons. You get one and complete Strikes, Heroic Adventures, and play Crucible to get materials for them. Once you have what you need you go over to a wall that has 11 images to light up and those represent the new weapons. There is a device near the wall called The Forge that you feed the Prophecies into and you get the weapons through a beam of light.

And yes, Heroic Adventures will be a thing in this DLC. They will be much harder and will have modifiers tied to them so they can be repeated without them feeling stale. There will also be two new Strikes and those will be handled differently as well. They will actually be story missions you have to do in the single-player campaign.

They will be put into the Strikes playlist but will have different dialogue depending on if you play them as part of the story or part of the playlist.

Infinite Forrest

The last thing they showed was doing a Heroic Adventure in the new area called the Infinite Forrest. It is a Vex simulation that can re-create different events in time that have taken place or ones that might take place. It is also the last place that Osiris was seen. All the enemy types will be in there but even if you are fighting Fallen they are actually just Vex codes for the simulation. The Vex are preparing for any and all possibilities to deal with in the future. The Infinite Forrest will be a tad different each time you load in.

They have made a few different variations of platforms and enemies so that each time you come in it won't be the same.

Everything they have shown in the two streams so far has looked great and in the right direction. The final stream talking about "Curse of Osiris" will be November 29th at 11 AM PT. It will cover some of the weapons and gear you can expect to get in the DLC. "Curse of Osiris" launches on December 5th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.