"Destiny 2" has staying power. It has been only a few months since the game's much-anticipated release on September 6, 2017, for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and already it is clear that "Destiny 2" outperforms its predecessor. The development team at Bungie worked hard to correct the missteps in the first entry to the series, streamlining elements like plot and gameplay. "Destiny 2" boasts a collection of new features and settings, all geared towards creating a better gaming experience. There are many walkthrough videos available on YouTube for those interested in technical aspects of the gameplay.

Story and Plot

What resulted from Bungie's efforts is a gaming environment that is both versatile and immersive. The player is drawn into the post-apocalyptic setting and faced with a wide variety of activities and challenges. "Destiny 2" continues the story of the Guardians, warriors charged with protecting the last remaining city upon a ravaged earth. And as in "Destiny," the player can choose to inhabit one of three character classes. But where "Destiny 2" exceeds its predecessor is in plot and storyline. This storyline sends the Guardians on harrowing missions to combat the evil Red Legion and its fierce leader, Dominus Ghaul. After defeating Ghaul, the Guardians eventually confront the powerful, Emperor Calus, and it is here the plot witnesses a unique twist that is certain to intrigue all players.

Emperor Calus is not who he appears to be, and as a result, everything the Guardians have believed in is called into question. By subverting expectations regarding narrative, the developers at Bungie have assured the ongoing power and longevity of their series.

'Destiny 2' Negative User Reviews

While critical reviews for "Destiny 2" have been largely positive, with Metacritic assigning the game a healthy score of 87, user reviews have been mixed.

Some argue that the chaotic nature of the first game's plot and narrative was, in fact, an asset, and charge that the sequel is too straight-lined and boring. Others maintain that "Destiny 2" does not shake things up enough. However, it can be argued that the new game meets gamers in the middle and offers everything they loved about the first entry in the series in addition to a more engaging narrative and expanded activities.

The first two DLC expansions to the game are due out in December as well, promising an even fuller immersive experience for players.

It is difficult to understand how a game like "Destiny 2" can be considered boring given the tapestry of gameplay it provides. The game is mythic science-fiction in the best sense of the term, luring players into a rich world that can be endlessly explored and experienced.