On Monday, January 8, 2018, a preliminary hearing will be held in Los Angeles, California to decide the fate of Charles Manson's estate and remains. While the online world was awash with celebration over the death of Manson on November 19, there seemed to be little thought given to the future of the infamous Manson legacy. Now, four men, including an alleged grandson, have come forward to lay claim to Charlie's estate and to his body, which up until now has been residing in cold storage. A report by the New York Times presented many facts used in this article.

Manson's grandson

The first and foremost claimant is one Jason L. Freeman, a probable grandson of Charles Manson. Freeman desires control both over his grandfather's remains and his name. Freeman believes the Manson name has been capitalized on for long enough and would like to assume oversight over who can use it and for what purposes. Freeman's Twitter contains many positive tweets about his grandfather's life and sayings. Of note is Freeman's stated support for ATWA, an environmental organization started by Manson to protect air, trees, and water.

It is not clear what Freeman's intentions are should he gain the rights to Manson's estate.

Perhaps he desires to clean up the dark and bloody legacy of the Manson Family as the 50th anniversary of their killing spree approaches in August 2019. Manson was sent to death row almost five decades ago, charged with murder and conspiracy. While Manson himself did not commit any of the murders attributed to his cult-like group, it is thought he played an instrumental role in inspiring his followers to commit the killings.

One of the women who wielded a knife during one of the murders won parole several months ago, though she will probably be denied when the decision goes to California's Governor Brown for approval. Throughout the years, Manson has maintained his innocence and believed he functioned as society's scapegoat.

Other claimants to the Manson legacy

The other claimants to Manson's name and remains include a blogger and Manson friend named Michael Channels. Channels claims he was given a will by Manson over 10 years ago, though prison officials have always maintained that Manson never made a will. Channels recently appeared in the documentary "Charles Manson: The Final Words," which premiered on the Reelz channel. The other claimants are a Benjamin Gurecki and a Matthew Lentz. The latter has said that he is an actual blood-child of Manson's, though that claim has been heavily disputed.