A few years ago no one would have believed that a reality TV star would soon become the next president of the United States. But we now find ourselves in a world in which Donald Trump holds the most powerful office in the land. It is no surprise then that other celebrities would step up to the plate to try their hand at the political game. Rumor has it that Oprah Winfrey is considering a 2020 run for the presidency. Apparently, sources close to Winfrey have been saying that she is seriously entertaining the idea of such a move.

Oprah's acceptance speech

Oprah gave a rousing speech last night upon receiving the esteemed Cecil B. DeMille award. Her words mainly centered around women's rights and the #MeToo movement that has taken the entertainment world by storm over the past six months. Dozens of women have come forward with accusations of sexual misconduct on the part of Hollywood moguls, famous actors, politicians, and TV personalities.

These revelations are inspiring efforts to reform the system in which such misdeeds were permitted to occur. One such effort is the Time's Up initiative, which calls on women and men to stand up against sexual harassment. To show solidarity with victims, many celebrities chose to wear black at last night's ceremony.

Oprah's speech mentioned sexual assault victim Recy Taylor, and the inability of women in the past, especially black women, to speak up about the injustices done to them. Winfrey's speech concluded on a rousing and triumphant note, soliciting a standing ovation.

Oprah's potential presidential run

It is little wonder that Oprah's moving and powerful speech is generating buzz about a presidential bid.

Winfrey came out in firm support of victims and the marginalized. She also made veiled references to the aggressive presidency of Donald Trump, and particularly his all-out assault on the press and journalists.

Rumors about Oprah seeking the presidential office in 2020 had been floating around in some form for most of 2017.

Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama were two names mentioned for 2020 not long after Trump's shocking 2016 election victory. But to date, Winfrey herself has been largely silent about her intentions concerning political office, though she recently declared on CBS she would not seek any position. However, we know from past experience with potential political candidates that denial isn't always absolute.

Widespread support

The idea of Oprah as president is inspiring many and she is receiving widespread support, especially from celebrities. Actress Meryl Streep stated her support for #Oprah2020, and Golden Globes host Seth Meyers made no secret of his desire that Winfrey seek the presidency. The Twitter-verse blew up with support for Oprah after last night's speech.

The general atmosphere of hope and inspiration is captured by the following tweet: