Anton Yelchin was one of the most talented young actors of his generation. His early appearance in "Hearts in Atlantis" was grounded with a maturity and nuance that belied his years. He later performed in blockbuster movies like "Terminator Salvation" and "Star Trek." His family immigrated from the Soviet Union as refugees in 1989 and Anton began appearing in films 10 years later. Yelchin was killed last year in a freak accident involving his Jeep Cherokee. The vehicle's defective brake system caused it to roll down Yelchin's steep driveway and pin him against a stone mailbox.

Anton's tragic and bewildering death shocked the film world. He passed away much too soon and would have no doubt enjoyed a lengthy and successful career in Hollywood.

Acting roles completed in 2016

Prior to his death in 2016, Yelchin had completed work on five feature films that year and even 39 episodes of a popular animated TV show. Yelchin was a working Actor, much sought after in the movie industry. His prolific body of material is impressive, particularly what he was able to accomplish during the last six months of life. In late 2017, we are still enjoying the fruits of his talent. To date, the only Yelchin film that remains to be released is "Thoroughbreds," a black comedy featuring actresses Olivia Cooke and Anya Taylor-Joy as two disgruntled teen girls out to commit a murder.

Yelchin portrays a hapless druggie who is inadvertently recruited into the girls' scheme. The film's trailer highlights Yelchin's comic sensibilities, which will be a stark contrast from his serious and dramatic roles in films like "Porto" and "Rememory."

"Thoroughbreds" will see wide theatrical release on March 9, 2018.

The legacy of Anton Yelchin

The acting work of Anton Yelchin speaks for itself, and he will always be remembered for his thoughtful and humorous performances. Yelchin was able to traverse genres and themes with ease and finesse, playing a diverse assortment of protagonists and supporting characters with equal authority and weight.

Sadly, we will not see him in film projects that he was cast in, but unable to shoot. The anticipated TV adaptation of Stephen King's "Mr. Mercedes" was released in August of this year but without Anton's involvement.

Anton was not known solely for his acting work. He was also a talented photographer. The Twitter page "Remembering Anton" is dedicated to his life and accomplishments.