Christmas tends to break the bank a bit, but if there was any time of year to go on a short break, now would be it. There are several reputable holiday sites that have offers for winter holidays and city breaks. One such site is, which also offers theatre trips and suggestions for couples. A more generalized holiday site would be Expedia, but if you're feeling particularly adventurous, yet concerned about last-minute cancellations, is your friend. All of these sites boast excellent holiday suggestions, and you can search by both date and price, which will hopefully make a last-minute, end-of-the-year trip a little more affordable and organized.

1. New York, USA

One of the most notable places to spend the holidays is New York, which is home to the Rockefeller Center. This magical place is heavily decorated every year, and the festive season really begins when the tree lights are turned on after Thanksgiving. I managed to find a video of cheap/free things to do in NYC during the season, so if you're thinking of visiting, even a trip to New York won't be too expensive.

2. Venice, Italy

Venice is a beautiful location for a short break. If you're planning on going after Christmas, you don't need to buy any more presents, and you can spend your trip taking in the breathtaking sites of Venezia. The Grand Canal was my absolute favorite place to just stand and really take in the magical water city.

You can usually buy a travel pass from your hotel's reception desk, and at that point, my advice is to take to the streets, find a bus, and travel into the heart of Venice to discover all of the amazing hidden shops in the winding streets.

3. Berlin, Germany

Berlin hosts some of the best Christmas Markets around, with hundreds of vendors flocking to various parts of the capital.

Most major cities have some kind of Christmas Market during the holiday season, and these markets originated in Germany. But Berlin doesn't only play host to beautiful, gift-filled markets, it's also where you can find Europe's largest open-air parties on New Year’s Eve.

4. Vienna, Austria

If you're looking for a perfect end to 2017, a visit to Vienna may be exactly what you need.

There are more than 20 Christmas markets in the city, many of which run right through Christmas and up to the New Year. But the first month of the new year is when Vienna really shows its true colors – more than 300 balls take place in January, though the highlight of the social calendar is undoubtedly the New Year Concert at the Vienna State Opera on New Year’s Day.

5. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Amsterdam Light Festival runs from December 1 to January 22, and transforms the city into a new, fantasy world, full of glittering Christmas lights and displays. Alternatively, there’s the Illuminade walking route (December 15 until January 8), which you can explore by yourself, or you can hire a "Guide of Light" to take you through the exhibits.

During the New Year's holiday, you’ll find street parties in public places throughout the city, with fireworks popping up from every direction at midnight. Afterwards, you can hit the club scene as Amsterdam is home to some of the biggest parties around.


If you'd rather stay home for the holidays, or at least closeby, why not plan a train journey to a nearby town or beach? You could find a nature reserve, or go stargazing. A camping trip in winter is an awe-inspiring, and peaceful, experience. Grab a group of friends together for a couple of days, or wander off by yourself. Whatever you choose to do, remember to take a moment to reflect on 2017, and make 2018 even better.

Happy holidays.