This year’s launching of the well-loved SNES Classic game console once again brought mixed emotions to its avid Nintendo fans and addicted gamers around the globe. Customers who really want to get hold of their dream gadget instantly prefer lining up in the store than to have their own from online stores. They even traveled from various countries just to be in front of the line in every New York City’s accredited stores and outlets.

During its launching, the streets in midtown Manhattan near Nintendo Classic Store has been filled with people waiting for the store to open.

The only space left was for pedestrian and a lane for cars passing by. As what most people say about every Nintendo gaming console ever released, the Snes Classic always sells like pancakes.

Waiting to get hold of the SNES Classic

The line grew longer as the opening of the Nintendo store drew near. Loyal Nintendo fans always make it a habit to get their favorite Nintendo gadget such as the SNES Classic from Nintendo itself. Although there are other store outlets where people can buy this hottest Nintendo gaming console, people who lined up at Nintendo Classic Store never bothered the hassle of waiting in the long line just to get hold of this wonderful gadget.

SNES Classic and NES Classic launch compared

The launching of the NES Classic last year created an almost similar scenario to the 2017 SNES Classic launch. The two events bring out the same thing: the well-loved Nintendo Classic stuff was sold as fast as pancakes always do. While the last year’s stock of the NES Classic did not meet the high demands of the Nintendo fans, the giant company made sure that there is enough supply for everybody during the launching.

This is true even before its launch date. More online stores offered the item for pre-order. Yet, the popular demand even grows higher that stocks from such major stores like the Nintendo Classic Store did not meet the vast number of Nintendo fans in that very long line.

Other stores with SNES Classic on launch date

The Nintendo Classic Store is not the only place for people to have the precious device last Friday.

Leading stores like Walmart, Best Buy and GameStop even sold out the retro console during its launching.

Having a cool price of $79.99, who would resist the price and all the excitement of getting the SNES Classic than buying the Nintendo classic games in it individually at around $738.26? For those who missed getting their own console, Nintendo will soon announce its availability with more stocks for everyone to enjoy.