New Year's is a time of celebration and reflection. We're leaving the rollercoaster ride that was 2017 behind and welcoming 2018 with open arms. But celebrating doesn't mean you have to drag yourself to a big party when you don't want to, and it's perfectly okay to spend New Year's Eve having a quiet night in. Much like spending Christmas alone, there's a whole list of activities you can do to keep the day, and subsequent night, interesting.

Make a decision

The first thing you should decide is how important celebrating is to you, followed closely by how you would ideally celebrate.

The typical New Year's party usually involves a lot of alcohol, partying, and/or bar/club hopping. It's the time of year when many' are drunk, and every place seems to be filled with drunk people. Which isn't a bad thing, but you might not be the type of person who wants to spend their New Year's Eve drunk, so perhaps you're considering something adventurous, or maybe something a little quieter.


Now that you've made a decision, hopefully, you have a vague plan, too. You may need to pick up a few things that you don't have. This can be anything from hot chocolate, marshmallows, whipped cream (which, let's face it, you've probably run out of because it's Christmas and these items do not last long), to a tent, or perhaps some baking/crafting materials.

Go to the store, grab what you need, and then add some fun stuff too, because it's the end of 2017 and if there was a time for you to go a little crazy, it's now.

Go forth and have fun

  • Indoor Camping. Make s'mores at home. Set up a little blanket fort, some movies ready and loaded on your laptop, and have a night in.
  • Outdoor Camping. Find a quiet, picturesque place to set up camp, and relax away from the noise of the big cities. You could use a local forest, or travel to a nearby park that boasts stunning views.
  • Bake. Spend the night decorating colorful firework-inspired cupcakes. And, if you feel like sharing, you could take some into work the next day, or give them to your friends or neighbors. Or just eat them. All of them.
  • Fireworks. For this one, I would recommend having a few, close friends over to assist with the fun and share the sights with you. There are going to be a few people nearby that aren't feeling the big parties this year, invite them over, grab some sparklers, and put on some cheery music. I know it's cold outside, but fire up a disposable BBQ, and get cooking.
  • Movies. Unlike Christmas Day, Movie Theaters are usually open on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, and I've recommended several potential movies to go and see here. But if none of those are getting your interest, or you've already seen them, why not have a movie marathon? Easily done by yourself, or with a few friends.
  • Game. Load up your PC, console, Facebook account, and have at it. If you play MMOs, you'll find a lot of people around any time of day, especially due to time differences.
  • Read/Write. Christmas will have passed, someone, somewhere, likely got you a book as a present. Why not crack it open at New Year's? Make yourself a wintery hot chocolate, and curl up under a blanket. Pick up your laptop and start typing, stories wait for no one. Someone else on your street will be setting off fireworks, so keep the curtains open, and join in with a quiet countdown when it's time.
  • Go for a walk. Fireworks are a staple during New Year's, so heading to your local park is a good way to get involved and enjoy the night without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Make a list of Resolutions (and try your best to stick to it this year!)
  • Plan a midnight phone call to a friend/group of friends.

Boredom affects us all during the holidays, so be sure to refer back to this list if you find yourself hit with holiday blues.