On November 3, "Overwatch," the widely popular first-person shooter game, released a new trailer introducing a new Character named Moira.

Moira is a support character, which means her role is to heal, strengthen, or provide other helpful services to her team. This is what we know about Moira according to the trailer and the "Overwatch" website.


Moira is a geneticist whose controversial publication caused her to become an infamous figure. Her paper specified a program that could alter the body on a cellular level. However, many people were skeptical about the practice because the results couldn’t be copied and because they lacked ethical morality.

After the paper was published, Moira was recruited by Blackwatch and began creating weaponry for the organization while continuing her work.

Once Overwatch was disbanded, Moira was able to find a haven in Oasis with the scientific collective. Unfortunately, she also works with Talon, whom Doomfist, Reaper, Widowmaker, and Sombra have all been known to work for.


Moira’s powers seem to be a mix of Symmetra, Hanzo, Zenyatta, and Reaper. Her skills are equal parts healing and damage. Her biotic grasp, the primary weapon, is a short-range beam, similar to Symmetra’s photon projector, that can either heal her teammate or damage the enemy in front of her. Her first ability, called biotic orb, similar to Zenyatta's orb of harmony and discord, can heal a teammate or slowly decay the enemy's health once it makes contact with them.

Once fired, the orb rebounds off of objects, similar to Hanzo’s scatter arrow. Her fade ability allows her to teleport short distances, similar to Reaper’s shadow step, and her ultimate ability, coalescence, is a long-range beam that heals her allies, and damages enemies.

In the field

From the YouTube video, one of the first things noticed is Moira’s teleportation ability.

Although other characters use their speed, such as Tracer and Genji, or stealth, like Sombra, to surpass enemy shields and flank, Moira is the first character to teleport with a shield in front of them, unlike Reaper’s shadow step. Then, there's Moira’s healing ability.

Moira’s biotic orb can heal a group of teammates instead of just one individual.

Since the orb can also damage an enemy, using it behind the enemy as they are being flanked can cause serious damage to the entire team. With her biotic orb and ability to teleport, she could prove to be a great hassle for the enemy team, even with a shield protecting them.

Finally, with the help of her ultimate ability, Moira can break through enemy shields, which can be helpful against a team that’s on offense as they try to break the enemy's defenses. With so many abilities, Moira will definitely be a target that the enemy will try to finish off quickly, similar to Mercy due to her healing capabilities. If played stealthy, Moira could prove to be a huge inconvenience to the enemy team.

So far, she has no official release date.