A new "Pokemon Go" event was confirmed this week. Players were notified of the event this week while participating in the Halloween event. Players around the world also participated in the EX Raid. Those who participated in the raid received an invite if they participated in the raid at the same location. The newest shiny Pokemon was also introduced. "Pokemon Go" activities in October included new monsters and more videos.

Shiny new event launch

The Express UK reported that the new event was first revealed to players participating in the Halloween event.

The Halloween event lasts until November 2. The newest Pokemon, named Duskull, is both catchable and hatchable. It can now be caught with a whole new color scheme. Shiny Daskulls can be found in the wild alongside the Shiny Sableyes.

This is the first shiny new monster launched during the Halloween event. It is available both in the wild and in 10KM eggs. Trainers also have a 1 in 256 chance of running into the Shiny Duskull. This is due to the higher spawn rate during the Halloween event. Players can expect a 50 percent increase in spawn rate at night for the Ghost-Type and Dark-Type Pokemon. The night cycle runs from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m.

SlashGear reported that the first shiny Duskull was found at 10:46 p.m.

on October 26. It is the second shiny Pokemon to appear at the event. Players have a chance to see three different Pokemon in the wild. Each has the potential to appear with super shiny skin. The reason that five different Pokemon have appeared in the game is that two of the Pokemon are evolutions of two of the original. The new Pokemon include Shuppet (Banette), Sableye (shiny), and Duskull (Dusclops shiny).

A Pikachu is also out for the event wearing a witch hat. Niantic added six new Gen 3 Pokemon to "Pokemon Go" about a month ago.

EX Raid invitations

Comicbook reported that on Friday players participated in the EX Raid. Players were given the opportunity to fight the legendary Pokemon Mewtwo. To get into the raid, players needed an invite.

The problem with the way the system is structured is that the same players are getting invited to the new raids. After the first raid, "Pokemon Go" sent out a new invitation and players who participated in the last raid reported getting a new invitation. For some of the players, it meant they got their third or fourth invite for the same location. One of the reasons the same players are getting the invites is because of the way "Pokemon Go" is testing the raid mechanic.