Nintendo announced that “Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp” will arrive on iOS and Android devices as a free-to-play game. It has been released in Australia as a soft launch and will release for the rest of the world on November 22nd. The title marks the company’s third game in the mobile market, following “Super Mario Run” and “Fire Emblem Heroes.”

“Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp” is a camping-themed take on Nintendo’s addictive city life simulator. The game features similar gameplay and graphics as the original “Animal Crossing.” The series has done extremely well on Nintendo’s dedicated hardware platforms.

The games have a slow-placed design that rewards daily play, which makes sense to bring to mobile.

New in-game currency

A new in-game currency called “Leaf Tickets” will offer players a way to spend real money to purchase upgrades ahead of schedule. They can also be earned in-game. Leaf Tickets can be traded for materials or to speed up the time it takes to build an amenity.

Manage your own campsite

In “Pocket Camp,” players can manage their own campsite. You can also personalize and build up your character. You can decorate your campsite with a variety of buildings and furniture.

Players have to craft collectibles to get furniture. You can also visit nearby “recreation sites,” doing favors for other animal inhabitants and collect rewards.

Afterwards, players can go to the alpaca blacksmith Cyrus and have their crafting materials turned into furniture. Cyrus can also be commissioned to build different amenities, such as pools. A familiar feature in “Pocket Camp” is fishing. Players will now be able to use a net to catch a bunch of fish at one time. The fish can be used as crafting materials too.

A new feature has been added to the mobile version. Each animal has their own furniture preferences. Players have to create and decorate the campsite with their ideal pieces that will entice animals to come visit and increase players’ “friendship level” with them. With this feature, players can now look out for how much an animal likes them.

The game also has a multiplayer feature that lets players visit each others’ campsites by exchanging ID numbers.

Travel in real-time

Players need to travel with their camper van in order to get all the crafting materials they need. You can travel to an island, a forest, a river, and more. Each item you find is exclusive to that particular location.

The world will gradually change between day, evening, and night just like the real world. Different animals will appear at different times, for example, if you’re playing at night you will most likely run into more nocturnal creatures.