Xbox boss Phil Spencer recently explained in an interview with Wired the reason why it was important to have the backwards compatibility support for the Xbox One console. This cool feature on the Xbox One allowed the console owners to play Xbox 360 video games on it. If they had the older titles on-disc or even in digital form, it would not cost them a thing.

The game company also revealed that there will be Backwards Compatibility support for the original Xbox games soon. Another recent console will also have this awesome feature as well.

The reason for its importance

Spencer explained that the reason why they installed the Backwards Compatibility feature on the Xbox One was to preserve games. They wanted the newer generation to experience the gameplay of the older video games that they had in their massive library and share it with everyone. Even though some players did not use that feature, it is still good to know that it was there for anyone to try out.

A way to preserve the history of gaming

The Xbox head also stated that he saw games as a sort of an art form. He predicted that there will come a time that hardware might become obsolete and gone from existence. This might become true for console games as well.

Spencer said that if these physical video games were gone for good, it would be harder to play the older games.

In this way, it would be easier to preserve the History Of Gaming and let the new generation experience it. This would be a good thing for business for the content owners, but it would also be nice to preserve this type of art form for gamers.

Current number of playable Xbox 360 games is huge

There are more than 400 Xbox 360 video games that can be played on the current generation console with the help of the Backwards Compatibility feature.

With the announcement of “Red Dead Redemption 2,” the prequel of that video game should be great to play again. This was one way to let players reconnect again with the older video games of the past, and connect them with the current and future video games.

New additions for the awesome feature

Later this year, Xbox One players will be able to try out some original Xbox games with the help of the Backwards Compatibility support.

The only catch for this new feature is its limited number of games that can be played. It was also revealed that the upcoming Xbox One X will have the same feature too when it launches soon.

Check out the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility trailer here: