"FIFA 18" has been out for awhile and received mostly positive reviews from critics. Still, there were a handful of issues with the launch version that needed to be ironed out. To their credit, EA Sports quickly got on the case and had just released a Patch with a few fixes.

Let us go through what is included to see if it will change the overall experience.

Easy is now easy

"FIFA 18" is considerably harder than the previous entries in the franchise, as the AI seems actually to know how to play with more than one tactic. The goalkeepers are also competent this time around.

While this is definitely a welcome change, the amateur and semi-pro difficulties are far from forgiving for newcomers into the series. Veterans might mostly ignore These levels, but they offer an important way for beginners to get used to the gameplay without spending an entire match running after the AI.

This patch released by EA Sports reduces the challenge associated with these two levels to make them considerably easier. The keeper reactions have also been affected and changed for certain situations, although they did not go into further details.

Ultimate Team

"FIFA 18" offers another solid online experience, and this patch improves a few glitches associated with Ultimate Team. New functionality for missed shots have been added and a glitch, which saw the crowd carry the wrong flag if the jersey of the home team was changed, is now fixed.

These are small details, but they help elevate the overall experience.

More importantly, a bug in chapter five of MyJourney which caused the game to crash should now be a thing of the past. Players who prefer Career Mode should also see a handful of improvements, including an issue where the news headlines were not being updated.

A few features were also added, including the ability to delegate contract renewals and to renegotiate contracts with a player whose release clause has been paid.

A few technical glitches which impacted the audio are also sorted out with the new patch, including some minor improvements to the goal net animations. While this patch does not significantly affect the overall game, as "FIFA 18" was released in a good state, it removes some annoyances found scattered throughout the different modes.

This will mostly end up being the biggest patch released for the EA Sports game, as there is not all that much left that needs to be fixed. We recommend downloading this update at the earliest available moment.