Microsoft has geared up to launch its most powerful console ever, Xbox One X, in November. Not only the gaming system will have better specs than the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, it will also have an expensive price.

Product’s pre-order situation

As the Xbox One X is just a few months away, the console’s pre-order product pages may have gone live, however, that doesn’t mean game enthusiasts can grab one yet. Microsoft fans who are interested in getting the upcoming gaming system earlier, the gap between its release date as well as its full announcement has become quite real.

When a new device is unveiled, retailers usually put the product’s pre-order pages live. But, Xbox fans cannot use them yet, for the reason that the Xbox One X still needs approval for sale yet.

The Redmond, Washington-based tech giant’s official website confirms that the gaming system has not been approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The device is not for sale until the approval of the agency has been obtained.

According to the Daily Star, while the Xbox boss Phil Spencer was responding to Xbox enthusiasts questions on Twitter, Spencer pitched in something of an update on the situation. Wherein, the Xbox head apologized and stated that they need to get the pre-order rolling, but the company is just working through all the approvals.

Meanwhile, GAME, UK's leading games retailer, has posted an update on their website claiming that the console’s pre-order program will be available soon. Several game enthusiasts are expecting it to happen within the next two months.

Console’s specs

Nevertheless, Microsoft’s upcoming gaming system will be available with eight CPU cores and has an improved vital specification than its predecessor.

The console will also come along with the AMD Jaguar custom processor. The device will be equipped with a 12GB GDDR5 system memory as well as a 384-bit memory bus and a 326 GB/s bandwidth. The tech giant describes its latest gaming system as the smallest Xbox ever created.

Although the tech company touted the Xbox One X as the most powerful console, the gaming system still has some stiff competition from the PlayStation 4 Pro.

The £449 or $578 price tag of the new Xbox is far more expensive than the PS4 Pro’s $399.

But, the PS4 Pro also has amazing features such as virtual reality (VR) headset, Ethernet jack, power port, auxiliary port, USB 3.0 ports and HDMI-out port. Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro is also compatible with PS4 Slim and PS4 consoles.