Blizzard Entertainment’s “Overwatch” is known for its amazing in-game events that are usually related to real-life events. Fans get very excited for these events because it only occurs every few months. One of the most anticipated occasions which are about to come is the Halloween event. According to a recent post on Reddit, the developer might announce the “Overwatch” Halloween Event on October 9, and it will officially begin on October 10.

What should players expect?

Last year’s “OverwatchHalloween event was a huge success. It brought new maps, hero skins, and bonus loots for all participating players.

There were only four legendary skins and eight epic skins on the last year’s event. Players are expecting to receive more legendary Halloween-themed skins which cost 3,000 credits on the upcoming event.

New game mode

Junkenstein's Revenge was introduced by the “Halloween Terror” last year. Players got the chance to team up with other three players, and face the enemies like Dr. Junkenstein, Junkenstein's Monsters, the Reaper, the mysterious witch, and a wave of shambling zomnics. Fans are expecting that Blizzard Entertainment will do a similar approach this year, and add a new special Halloween game mode on the event.

New map

The Brawl mode might also become exclusive for the Halloween event, but the developer will most likely surprise "Overwatch" players with a new map for the Brawl mode.

Last year’s event lasted until November 1, so fans can expect that the upcoming “Overwatch” Halloween event will have the same three-week timeframe

New hero

A few weeks ago, “Overwatch” game director, Jeff Kaplan, teased the community with a new hero that might arrive soon. Jeff Kaplan called it as the “Hero 26.” The “Overwatch” community automatically assumed that the new hero might arrive on the Halloween event.

As for now, Jeff Kaplan has not announced any developments about the upcoming hero, but who knows, maybe the developer will release it on “Overwatch” public test realm within this month.

Rumored heroes that might be added

The frequently cited heroes that might be added to the “Overwatch” roster soon are the Junker Queen and the Thai-inspired hero Tara.

Junker Queen is a mysterious figure that appeared in posters of the Junktown map. She’s also the voice behind the loudspeakers of the latest Junkertown trailer. Tara, on the other hand, is a Thai hero designed by computer artist under the name RM-Parfait. Parfait uploaded Tara’s concept design on the “Overwatch” forums. Jeff Kaplan and several fans saw Tara’s design, and they were impressed. Fans have given their support to the artist and hoping that the hero Tara might be added to the game soon.