Gamers who have played “Destiny 2” since it was launched have noticed that Bungie performs weekly maintenance just after the reset. Each time it happens, the developer throws in some new content, not to mention some balance changes and tweaks. These are usually scheduled to last for four hours, but most of the time they extend even longer. While this might seem like a hassle for other gamers, it is much appreciated by the fans. It’s nice to know that the developer continues to monitor the problems and address them in a timely manner.

Weekly reset and maintenance for ‘Destiny 2’

“Destiny 2” is still less than a month old but we have already seen a lot of adjustments made by Bungie each week. Fans of the sci-fi FPS franchise have always been vocal about issues they have noticed that affect overall gameplay. Some of the problems appear to be software-related and are usually fixed by a small update patch delivered by the developer. However, there are times when the issues stem from servers, which could require a longer period in order to get fixed. If it’s the latter, it would be understandable why the servers would need to be taken down and serviced for a longer period.

Notable fixes to be applied

According to the developer, this week’s maintenance will focus on the Leviathan raid and issues with the Emperor’s Seal objective.

The items are obviously important to the raid Exotic weapon quest. A bug caused the game to award Guardians with only one Seal for each completed section of the PVE activity. However, it was reportedly intended to provide gamers with more than that.

Once the fix has been applied, the number of seals issued will remain the same.

But, the quest requirement will be lowered to only 10 sections. After everything has been completed, Guardians can approach Benedict 99-40 in the Tower to claim their reward, which is the true version of the Legend of Acrius shotgun.

More fixes in store

Players are also advised to avoid claiming their weekly Milestone rewards from their respective NPCs.

Moreover, users should avoid the Leviathan raid until the fix has been applied. There is a reported bug that causes the system to award clan engrams that only have 10 power for the end-game activities. Bungie confirmed that it was not intentional (most players assumed that it was designed to work that way) and it will be corrected after the maintenance.

These are the only issues that were specified by the developer for this week’s updates. “Destiny 2” still has other bugs that were reported, like the Public events icon being invisible, empty chests from Lost Sectors and Cayde’s Stash, and other minor problems. Players can expect another Scheduled Maintenance next week or maybe a hotfix this week.