It appears that “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” is having a rough month. At the start of the month, the fan-favorite battle royal title from Bluehole is getting a barrage of complaints from frustrated players. It is worth noting that the game has unexpectedly ballooned in terms of player base. In six months after its Early Access of Steam, the game has sold 13 million copies. It was also dubbed as the new King of Steam with 1.6 million concurrent users.

However, it seems that BlueHole has not expected this kind of reception from the gaming community.

The impressive feat that the battle royale achieved is slowly being replaced by negative feedback from players.

Dev acknowledges the issue

Over the past few days, “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” players have been complaining about running into issues with the servers. Since the game was released in March 2017, it has met several maintenance issues, which were later resolved. However, the past few days have been tough for most players, especially since some of them would like to win the golden chicken.

On its official Twitter account, “PUBG” tweeted that they acknowledge the issues that players are currently experiencing in the game. It also assured its fans that its engineering team is already working on a fix to resolve the issue.

The team apologized to the players for the inconvenience it has caused them.

Server problem

The tweet has been retweeted 247 times, has received 1,638 likes, and got more than 500 comments.

This is a reflection of the real struggle that players have been experiencing for the past days. While some players are not happy about the issue, some appear to have understood the game developer’s situation.

It appears that the players are mostly complaining about different types of errors. This includes getting Unknown Login errors when trying to connect to the game’s servers.

Others who are able to connect get an error message mid-game, claim that after that they will not be able to continue playing the game.

Other details

In the thread, it seems that most of the players acknowledge the recent issue and believe that the increasing numbers of concurrent players is affecting the game servers. During weekends, the game records a large number of concurrent players. Currently, it appears that BlueHole is still not able to find a fix to resolve the issue. Players are still reporting that the issue persists.

Players are not happy with the development happening in “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.” The game is available on Steam Early Access. It is expected to be released on Xbox One in the early part of 2018.