Blizzard Entertainment’s “Overwatch” is probably the world’s most popular team-based multiplayer FPS video game. “Overwatch” has its diverse growing roster of heroes, where all of them come in all sorts of backgrounds. Avid fans and players often put themselves into the world of “Overwatch,” and one player did that by creating a stunning concept design of a Thai hero named Tara. The Thai computer artist under the name RM-Parfait uploaded her project for her Master’s degree on the official forums.

Skills and Abilities

RM-Parfait designed the Thai hero based on Thai culture.

The name “Tara” comes from the Thai word for water. According to a report from GameRant, RM-Parfait themed the hero’s design to a Siamese fighting fish (also known as a Betta fish), which is a local product in her country. Tara is a support hero that has an aquatic-themed ability. The concept hero has the ability called “Bubble,” which can release a blast of energy from her gun. The Bubble ability can also trap an enemy in a bubble for two seconds. The second ability is called “Healing Drone.” Healing Drone is a support ability that can heal teammates inside a 1.5-meter radius.

Thai-themed map

RM-Parfait also designed several skins for the Thai hero, Tara, which includes two skins based on the Thai culture, and the other is a Halloween themed skin.

RM-Parfait even presented some modifications for the Arun Town map, which makes it more like a Thai-inspired map for the new hero.

Should Blizzard hire the artist?

The “Overwatch” game director, Jeff Kaplan, was very impressed by RM-Parfait’s work. Jeff Kaplan even replied to the post “Wow, this is so amazing! You are so talented.” The director’s reply got fans hyped and immediately given their support to the artist.

Some fans are even requesting the director to take the artist as a part of Blizzard Entertainment’s design team.

Minor update

In other news, Blizzard Entertainment recently rolled out a minor update for “Overwatch.” The update removed four maps from Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch rotation. The removed maps are Hanamura, Horizon Lunar Colony, Temple of Anubis, and Volskaya Industries.

The removed maps can still be selected through the Custom Games.

The update also fixed Mercy and Genji’s ultimate voice lines from malfunctioning when Winged Victory and Oni are used. Audio bugs within the new Escort map Junkertown were also fixed including an issue with the spectator camera where it loses track of the hero’s location, and players controlled weapons.