Through the years the Pokemon franchise has always been synonymous to the Nintendo DS and 3DS. After all, the series was always released for the handheld console, ever since it was first announced in the early 2000’s. However, with the rise of the Nintendo Switch and the evolution of the game itself, it seems like it’s time for the series to move on to a new partner.

A farewell to the 3DS

In a recent interview with IGN, Game Freak Director Shigeru Ohmori spoke about the “Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.” During the interview, the director was very honest with some of the points regarding the game and how it will move forward in the future.

He also revealed that the two generation 7 titles will be the Pokemon games to be released for the Nintendo 3DS.

He explained that there are several factors why they have to move now. The first one started during “Pokemon X and Y.” At the time of its release, Game Freak thought that it was the end for the console when they pushed it to the limit. However, when“Sun and Moon” came out, it was then that they really saw how they were pushing the device over its boundaries. The game’s overall design features were too heavy for the 3DS.

The second one is about the upcoming games. Since the two will be packed with new features and cutscenes, the developers have finally pushed the console to its brim.

They have now come to the point where they realize that this is as far as they can go with the 3DS. Ohmori explained that this is what made the upcoming game so special; it represents the culmination of all their work for the 3DS. After many years, it’s time for the series to move on to a new platform.

Moving on to the Switch

After “Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon,” the Pokemon franchise’s main RPG line will move to the Nintendo Switch. Director Kazumasa Iwao confirmed that upcoming titles only had half of the 80 developers working for their company. He also shared that most people who worked for the games are mainly composed of young people.

With only half of their employees working for the upcoming game, this could only mean that the developers are busy working on another major project. So far, we have no news regarding this Nintendo Switch title. Fans of the series who are looking forward to updates will have to wait for more news.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon” is looking better and better as more information is revealed about the titles. The game is set to be released worldwide for the 3DS on November 17.