The Pokemon Company continues to fuel the hype train as we get closer to “Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ulta Moon’s” release date. To give fans more idea about how different this game will be from the previous title, “Pokemon Sun” and “Pokemon Moon” Producer Shigeru Ohmori and Game Director Kazumasa Iwao shared more details about the upcoming game.

Not a sequel

Weekly Famitsu’s new “Ultra Sun” and “Ultra Moon” update is full of information about what to expect in the upcoming game. Ohmori and Iwao were too gracious this time and gave us a clearer vision of the new Alola.

After releasing “Pokemon Sun And Moon,” the developers felt like there were more things to do in Alolookemon. They made a different game because they wanted to explore the region further before players get the solid impression of the islands. In terms of the story, they pointed out that upcoming game was not a sequel. If you’ve seen the past trailers, you could see that “Ultra Sun” and “Ultra Moon” aren’t happening after the events of the first 7th generation game. Rather than a sequel, it would be more of a divergent scenario of the original story.

A major part of this divergence is the appearance of the “Ultra Recon Squad.” Their presence in the Alola region is what caused the game to be different.

This difference will start at the beginning of the game and, from there, we’ll see how this new group will turn the story around.

Ultra Recon Squad is the newest team to grace the 7th generation game. The squad came from another world in the Ultra Wormhole that we’ll surely see more in the upcoming title.

After Hall of fame, other features

The developers also talked about the after game story. According to Iwao and Ohmori, what makes “Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon” unique is that it has more stories after beating the game in the Hall of Fame. They even said that the after game story will be greater than those of the past games like “Pokemon Platinum” and “Pokemon Emerald.”

Another thing they shared is the new feature called the “Ultra Warp Ride.” In this new zone, players can encounter and catch legendary Pokemon like Mewtwo.

They didn’t specify just how many legendaries we can catch, meaning we just have to find it out ourselves.

Overall, “Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon” is now confirmed to have twice the content scenario of “Sun and Moon.” This gives us a clearer answer that the upcoming title is aiming to be better than the original game.

Pokemon Ultra Suna and Ultra Moon” is set to be released for the 3DS on November 17.