Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon” just dropped a major bomb this week. The Pokemon Company released a lot of videos showing new details about their upcoming game. With tons of new information coming our way, are we finally going to have a much darker story? Here are the highlights of the new videos.

Ultra Megalopolis and the Ultra Wormhole

After a very light set of videos, The Pokémon Company finally revealed more details regarding “Ultra Sun” and ”Ultra Moon’s” story. Based on the Japanese trailer, the upcoming game will introduce a new area called the Ultra Megalopolis.

According to the Pokémon website, the new city can be traveled through the Ultra Wormhole which players can reach by riding either Solgaleo or Lunala in the game. The new area is a very dark place indeed as it shows a world completely void of light thanks to Necrozma.

Ultra Megalopolis also features a mysterious tower that shines of light from top to bottom. Based on the details on the Pokémon website, the tower seems to have a major function. This proves true as the Japanse trailer shows us a scene where Necrozma--fused with Solgaleo--gets surrounded by light in an area resembling the top of the tower.

Aside from Ultra Megalopolis, the trailers also revealed other worlds beyond the Wormhole. Thanks to this new feature, we can finally see the Ultra beasts in their natural habitat and maybe catch them along the way.

Ultra Recon Squad and UB Adhesive

Another major information revealed in the new trailers is the introduction of the Ultra Recon Squad. The new organization will play a major role in the upcoming game as they will come straight from a world beyond the wormhole. According to the North American trailer, the Recon Squad will have four key members; Dulse and Zossie for “Pokemon Ultra Sun,” and Soliera and Phyco for “Pokemon Ultra Moon.” Players of the upcoming game will get a different perspective of the story based on their chosen game.

Last but certainly not the least, is the reveal of the new Ultra Beast called UB Adhesive. The Pokémon website reveals that the Recon Squad will introduce the brand new beast in the game. As we can see from the North American trailer, one of the members of Recon Group will be carrying UB Adhesive with them in Alola. The new UB is feared by humans and Pokémon alike as they can pose a major threat to their safety.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon” is set to come out on November 17 for the Nintendo 3Ds