Game publisher Bungie has revealed that their video game shooter “Destiny 2” will be coming soon on PC. They will also unlock its special Raid a Week after its launching while another mode will be coming at a later date.

The game publisher also revealed that players who were looking for new challenges will get their chance soon. There will be different raid encounters will have new, optional challenges that will be unlocked every week. These new options will start by the end of October and will continue in the future.

Launch day activities

Fans of the video game will have their hands full on launch day due to the few features they can try out.

Players can play its full campaign and Crucible multiplayer mode on Oct. 24 (PC release date). They can also try out the Nightfall Strike’s Prestige and normal modes on that day.

Upcoming activities

Players will also expect some activities to explore next week, which will start with a raid called the Leviathan. This raid will start on Nov. 1, but it will start only on normal difficulty for the time being. On Nov. 3, the Trials of the Nine will also start.

Destiny 2” fans will get to try out other challenging modes on week three like the ultra-challenging Prestige mode for the Leviathan raid. This difficult mode for this particular raid will start on Nov. 7. The Guided Games feature will be included on this day as well, which would be a good way to group up with other players.

Players who want to join the Leviathan raid might need to quickly level up their characters up to 260 first. This was the requirement for the console version of the game, so it might be the same on the PC version. The raid will start a week after the release date, which should give ample time for them to level up a lot.

Extra challenges soon

The ultra-difficult Prestige mode for the Leviathan raid was released this week for the console version. Bungie has also announced that there will be new, optional challenges unlocked every week. This will start on Oct. 31 and will continue in the next few weeks.

The game developers have not given any hints on the specifics yet, but they are asking the “Destiny 2” fans to find out on their own.

They will let them know with an in-game message when they fail with information on what is at stake each week.

Special emblems for completing new challenges

Leviathan raiders who have completed the new challenges will get some sweet special emblems. They will get these emblems for each challenge they have completed. Raid drops were also guaranteed by the game developers for every successful challenge completion.

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