The 2017 League of Legends World Championship is underway, and on day 2, Flash Wolves and Team Solomid take it to the rift to start their quest to advance. This is the first meeting between the two teams, but they are not foreign to each other. Flash Wolves and TSM played each other at MSI previously, and most of the same players are still on each team.

The Flash Wolves won the LMS league, Team Solomid won the NA LCS, and both teams head into Worlds looking strong. These are the two teams who look like will advance from their group, but the matches still need to be played.

Pick and Ban Phase

Flash Wolves started off the pick and ban phase by getting a trusted champion in Sejuani. TSM came back to grab Gragas and Lulu. FW then grabbed Varus and Taric for their bottom lane duo. TSM grabbed Syndra, and after Corki and Cho’gath were picked by FW, TSM finished off the phase with a Gnar and Tristana pick. 4 out of the 5 champions Team Solomid chose were their most picked champions in the summer.


Early game favored the Flash Wolves heavily. Team Solomid looked like they were playing passive and not trying to make mistakes, and FW punished them for it. In fact, the Flash Wolves got up to a 5,000 gold lead 30 minutes into the match. After a baron grab and some excellent map dominance, FW looked poised to win the match.


Team Solomid did not give up. Even being down so much gold, they knew the longer they waited, the better their odds were to win. Yiliang “Doubelift” Peng was playing Tristana and eventually got to the point where his damage output could swing a fight. Team Solomid swung a fight their way and grabbed a baron. After getting two inhibitors and a push onto the base of FW, TSM couldn’t finish it out.

The match would drag on for 54 minutes before Team Solomid would finally finish out the game. Doublelift carried TSM finishing with a 4/1/1 score.

This match was hectic and chaotic. It was dominated by the Flash Wolves for the majority of the game, but TSM did a great job of sticking with it and eventually farming up enough to make the playing field even.

TSM would go to 1-0 now in Group D, and after this huge win over Flash Wolves, it looks like TSM is poised to advance out of the group. He also did a huge 68,000 total damage to champions in this match.

Both teams are off for the rest of day 2, as Team Solomid will play team World Elite on Saturday, while Flash Wolves will take on Misfits Gaming directly after.