Niantic finally revealed the details of this year’s “Pokemon GO” Halloween event. The event will officially start on October 20 at exactly 12:00 P.M. PDT and it will run until November 2 at exactly 1:00 P.M. PDT. According to a report by PokemonGoHub, Ghost-type creatures from the third-generation will be making its first appearance during the event. The creatures are Dusclops, Shuppet, Duskul, Banette, and Sableye. The said creatures were originally discovered in the region of Hoenn from the games’ “Pokémon Ruby,” “Pokémon Sapphire,” and “Pokémon Emerald.”


Sableye (20 percent capture rate) is probably the first dual-type Pokemon.

It is a Dark and Ghost-type creature that has a Max CP of 1305. Sableye’s greatest weaknesses are fairy attacks. Sableye is also known as a mega-evolution. Its best movesets are Shadow Claw (Quick move) and Foul Play (Charge move). The Shadow Claw has a very high damage-per-second. This attack could easily take down a Pokemon with high HP.

Duskull and Dusclops

Duskull (40 percent capture rate) is a Ghost-type Pokemon that has a 523 Max CP. Duskull can evolve into a Dusclops using 50 candies. Dusclops (20 percent capture rate) has a 1335 Max CP, pretty low for an evolution. But Dusclops can evolve into a Dusknoir, but players should wait until Niantic release the Generation-4 creatures. Dusclops’ best movesets are Hex (Quick move) followed by a Shadow Punch (Charge move).

Shuppet and Banette

Shuppet (40 percent capture rate) on the other hand has a Max CP of 872. “Pokemon GO” players can evolve Shuppet into a Banette using 50 candies. Banette (20 percent capture rate) is one of the strongest Ghost-type creatures from Generation-1 to Generation-3. Banette has a Max CP of 2073. The best moveset for Banette is a Shadow Claw (Quick move) followed by a Shadow Ball (Charge move).

Halloween event features

The “Pokemon GO” Halloween 2017 event will also bring exciting in-game features, such as Mimikyu’s Disguise hat, limited edition Halloween Pikachu, and boxes which contain Raid Passes and Super Incubators. Candies acquired from any activities are doubled. This means that candies from walking a Pokemon Buddy, catching a Pokemon, transferring a Pokemon to the professor, and hatching a Pokemon egg are doubled. The developer did not mention anything about the spawn rates. But players are expecting for the Ghost or Dark-type Pokemon spawn rates to increase, just like what the developer did last year.