Blizzard Entertainment is not done modifying the popular “Overwatch” support hero Mercy. According to the “Overwatch” lead designer, Geoff Goodman, another batch of Mercy adjustments are coming to the official game soon. But for now, the new changes for Mercy are currently under testing in the game’s Public Test Realm.

Resurrect two allies

The latest update for Mercy gives her a free Resurrect charge when she activates the ultimate ability Valkyrie. The charge is only available while the Valkyrie is still active and it will deplete if not used. Previously, in order for Mercy to revive two teammates, she has to resurrect one teammate, activate the Valkyrie, and then resurrect another teammate after the ability has been refreshed.

With the new update, Mercy will be able to resurrect two teammates at any point while her ultimate ability is still active.

Unlock Boost

According to a report by Slingshot Esports, Mercy has now an unlock boost on her Guardian Angel ability. The unlock boost will allow her to target a teammate and fly towards it. The unlock boost means that Mercy can unlock the Guardian Angel ability from an allied champion and fly past it. Mercy’s flight is almost like a slingshot because it has a maintained amount of momentum. With this new feature, Mercy will be able to fly around the battlefield much quicker than before.

Cooldown details

The cooldown of Mercy’s Guardian Angel ability does not reset if she uses resurrect, which means that Mercy cannot dash in a sticky situation to resurrect a teammate and fly out after.

According to a report by GameSpot, this will also allow the enemy team to attack Mercy freely for trying to save her teammates. The “Overwatch” Public Test Realm also features some minor updates to Lucio. The speed boost of Lucio after wall-jumping has been increased to make up the removal of a super-boost bug.

The recent changes seem to modify some issues with Mercy and Lucio’s movements making them more versatile.

But Lucio’s adjustment is like a nerf. Blizzard Entertainment has not announced when these changes will go live, but it will likely be in a few weeks.

Halloween Terror event

In other news, the “Overwatch” Halloween Terror event recently began, and it will run until November 1. The event features new Halloween-themed skins and two PvE brawl mode, namely the Junkenstein’s Revenge and the Endless Brawl. The Halloween Terror event 2017 is quite similar last year, but with more rewards on Loot Boxes.